1p03 Exam Sample Inquiries

 1p03 Exam Sample Questions Essay

1 . __________ are used to measure how very well objectives happen to be met. A. Specifications

M. Approximations

C. Ordinal ratings

D. Weighted objectives

At the. Metrics

installment payments on your The strategy of __________ allows us to select among style alternatives which can be different nevertheless all of which are in least minimally acceptable. A. least argument

B. clustering

C. limited agreement

Deb. ordination

Electronic. satisficing

Styles that satisfice may not the best but they fulfill all of the constraints, Constraints are formulated to get rid of alternatives/designs that are unacceptable. several. Which in the follow metrics best typifies the definition of surrogate metric? A. A trial of any prototype by customers to measure simplicity. B. A crash test to measure protection of a car.

C. Cost of manufacturing to measure cost of a product.

Deb. Number of areas of a product as being a metric pertaining to simplicity. At the. Deflection like a measure of rigidity.

A metric should gauge the objective; Surrogate metrics are a way of implicitly testing an objective which can not be evaluated straight. To find the durability of a mobile phone, dropping costly implicit method to test the durability. Volume of parts is definitely explicit but the indirect way of measuring ease. It is quite which fewer parts doesn't necessarily produce things less difficult. The shape in the parts could possibly be much more complex because they have to take on a similar functions but now with fewer parts. (Should be strongly related to the target of interest) 4. Which of the subsequent statements isВ falseВ regarding constraints? A. Constraints are set by client.

B. Cost may be both a target and a constraint.

C. Restrictions enable recognition and exclusion of undesirable designs. M. Constraints are accustomed to prune the set of styles to a more manageable size. E. A constraint is known as a restriction or limitation over a behaviour or a value or any aspect of a designed object's performance Restrictions are in the end set by the designer

a few. The needs of which stakeholders should be mirrored in an objective tree? A. End users just.

B. Whomever the design staff likes.

C. All users.

D. A number of stakeholders.

Elizabeth. All stakeholders.

It is not likely to indicate everyones needs, it is up to the designer to determine which stakeholders needs could be met. 6. What kind of requirement is definitely the following declaration? В To ensure backward suitability, the Sturdy Edge computer software must utilize the OpenGL standard for employing 3D graphics. A. Program

B. Prescriptive

C. Procedural

D. Overall performance

E. non-e of the over

A specific choice is being made.

* Prescriptive requirements identify values for attributes of the designed object(ex: ladder step shall possess thickness of 0. 74inches and have a length of 70 inches and stay made of quality A fir) * Step-by-step requirements identify procedures to get calculating characteristics or behaviour ( ex: the maximum bending stress Пѓmax in a part of a safe ladder shall be worked out from Пѓmax=Mc/I and will not exceed the allowable anxiety Пѓallow 2. Performance requirements specify functionality levels that have to demonstrate successful functional behaviour ( ex girlfriend or boyfriend: Step on safe ladder shall support an 500lb person) * Software performance requirements specify how devices or systems must work together with other systems to ensure final item will work together smoothly (ex: final design of a car a radio station must be appropriate within the space, available electrical power and the wiring harness in the vehicle) six. What kind of requirement should the following assertion be classified as? В The parking lot gate arm will be made from a great aluminum conduit of 15 cm size, at least 2 logistik thick, a length of 5 m, become painted yellowish, and have bolt holes in one end for attachment to a group. A. Efficiency

B. Not really a specification

C. Interface

M. Prescriptive

At the. Procedural

eight. In the following performance curve specification, designs situated by points A, B...


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