A Lab Are accountable to Investigate the Factors Impacting the Strength of a great Electromagnet

 A Lab Report to Investigate the Factors Affecting the effectiveness of an Electromagnet Essay


Date: 11th March, 2011

IB Matter: 6. several. 2

Analysis criteria

5. Design (D)

Aspect| Markings Awarded

Identifying the problem and selecting variables|

Controlling Variables|

Developing a method for collection of data|



To study the effect of spacing of the shelves on the power of an electromagnet

Apparatus Necessary:

* A great iron toenail (around 8 cm)

* A copper mineral wire (15 cm)

2. Vernier Logger Pro

* Magnetic Field sensor

2. Battery

* Switch

2. Sand Newspaper

Background Theory:

Some alloys such as dime and flat iron can be magnetised using an electromagnet. The effectiveness of the electromagnet depends on different factors which include the current, no . of transforms per unit length as well as the core of the magnetised metallic. In this research, I will examine the effect of spacing between your turns in the copper coil wound throughout the iron fingernail.


Controlled Variables| Dependent Variables| Independent Variables| Length of Copper WireCurrent in the copper wireCore of the electromagnetArea of Cross section of the iron coreThe point where magnetic field strength is usually measuredTime| Power of the Electromagnet| Spacing in the turns of copper line

How the parameters are handled:

1 ) The length of the copper wire is kept constant in 15 centimeter for all trials 2 . The present in the water piping wire is definitely kept constant by keeping the voltage inside the circuit regular as the copper line has a constant resistance. 3. The area of cross part of the nail is kept constant at a particular worth throughout the experiment as a sole iron fingernail is used. 5. The point at which the magnetic field strength is usually measured is usually kept in 5 centimeter below the reduce tip with the iron toenail. 5. Enough time for carrying your experiment is usually kept regular at 15 mins.


As the distance between the consecutive coil raises, the number...


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