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Course Code/Course Title: ABDM2033 Basic Managing Principles

System of Examine: DBU2 / DEM2 as well as DMK2 / DRM2 / DTM2 (Circle whichever applicable)

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Do you think leadership design is set and unchangeable for a head or flexible and adaptable? Discuss and support the answer with at least two leadership theories.

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No . | Criteria| Poor| Satisfactory| Excellent| Marks accorded| 1| Content material of response & the usage of theories & principles| (0 – 3 marks)Poor application of options with limited understanding. Fail to locate suited concepts & integrates theory with practice (if applicable). | (4 –7 marks)Reasonable application of a range of relevant resources with sensible understanding. Track down suitable principles & works with theory with practice (if applicable). | (8 – 10 marks)Application of a wide range of relevant resources well realized & fully appreciated. Find suitable principles & identifiably integrates theory with practice (if applicable). | | 2| Composition and Language| (0 – 1 marks)Poor selection, synthesis & overview writing skills. Answer can be poorly methodized and terribly supported with facts; Poor language numerous mistakes. | (2 – 3 marks)Reasonable selection, activity & overview writing skills. Answer is fairly structured; Sensible language with some mistakes. | (4 – 5 marks)Good selection, synthesis & synopsis writing skills. Very well methodized with clearness & combination. Sustained & coherently contended; Good terminology with nominal mistakes. | | 3| Referencing and format of written answer | (0 – 1 marks)Referencing and citation is definitely poor; Incorrect format. | (2 – 3 marks)Reasonable referencing & citation; Exact format. | (4 – 5 marks)Accurate referencing & citation; Appropriate format. | | | TOTAL| | | |

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No . | Criteria| Poor(0-1 marks)| Satisfactory(2 – 3 marks)| Excellent(4 – 5 marks)| Marks accorded| 1| Edition to audience| No try to related to audience| Some make an effort to relate to audience| Audience extensively involved| | 2| Body language(Eye get in touch with, gestures, postures)| Little or perhaps none | Some eye-to-eye contact; Some actions, mostly supported| Constant Eye-to-eye contact; Thoroughly encouraging of speech| | 3| Voice (Intonation, Pronunciation)| Inaudible to audience| Some edition to audience| Good control & variation| | 4| Visual aids| None or poorly presented| Some tools, mostly support| Well invented & presented| | 5| Others (Attire, Time management, Flow) | Poorly dressed; Badly evaluated, too short or too long; Not really smooth| Decently dressed; Moderately well evaluated; Acceptable movement; | Well dressed; Exactly judged; Clean flow; | | 6| Question & Answer Session| Not able to solution any concerns posted| Attempt to answer questions placed and capable to answer the questions fairly. | Capable to answer the questions submitted well, supported with information and proof. | | | TOTAL| | | |...

References: Daft, 3rd there’s r 2003, Administration, South Thomson Learning, UNITED STATES.

Roberts, G & George, J 2004, Contemporary Management, McGraw – Slope, America.

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