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Executive Summary

Sweet Goodies is a personalized specialty food handling business located in historical College Park, Georgia. Were dedicated to service our clientele with outstanding desserts, bread and pastry products. The exceptional customer care and awareness of detail, as well as the exquisite top quality desserts, truffles, and pastries we offer happen to be our tools to accomplishment. Sweet Snacks is loyal to the vision of being a beautiful bakery with exceptional support and product at competitive prices. Historic College Park, Georgia is usually an ideal location to get launching a new bakery. Lovely Treats as well hopes to become a destination known statewide with future plans on expanding during Georgia. We all plan to change our site in the metropolitan area of Atlanta to our maximum advantage. В Both the talent to custom design and style and excessive traffic because of our site give us an edge as a new company. В As the orders and referrals from organization partners appear in, over the up coming few months Fairly sweet Treats are getting an added enhance ofВ increased visitors. В Therefore , we are strongly planning for a 50% increase in sales the second 12 months of business. By creating a new niche in the marriage and get together industry, Fairly sweet Treats raises sales byВ more thanВ $200, 000В over the next yr while maintaining a gross perimeter of many of these. В Through a philosophy of " the optimum quality, and detail oriented" regarding the two product and service, Fairly sweet Treats will certainly establish itself as an excellent bakery in the Southeast. В We also will gain a competitive benefit in our shipped and crafted service. This course of action outlines we concept, viewpoint and predicted financials. В


1 . Achieve sales of $200, 000 in the 1st year.

2 . Increase second year sales by 50% and third year by simply 30%. three or more. Expand toВ one new retail store per year.


Sweet TreatsВ is anВ exquisite bakery dedicated to rendering high-quality desserts, cakes and pastries with outstanding awareness of detail within a comfortable ambiance for clients who look for an extraordinary assistance and personal touch to their snacks. В All of us intend to generate enough income to generate a good return pertaining to our partners and to financial continued growth and development in quality products. All of us also preserve a friendly, good, and creative work environment, which in turn respects variety, new ideas, and work. Keys to Success

5. Dedication for the finest quality substances

* Outstanding focus on detail

* Extraordinary quality support

Company Overview

Sweet Treats is a food handling business concept operating out of the famous College Playground, Georgia. В It focuses on exquisite desserts, cakes, and pastries. В We can custom design any cake or pastry you want, with all ready-to-eat parts, which can be our unique selling point of our business. Firm Ownership

Nice Treats is known as a Limited Responsibility Corporation evenly owned and managed simply by five associates. Shakira Ashford is the provider's Sales Representative. Tonya Gotell is the qualified Gourmet Chief cook. Jocelyn Lora is the business Chief Financial Officer. Kristel Matthews is the Head of Administration and Management for the company. Justin Ott is in charge of all Nice Treats Promoting. Start-up Brief summary

Our start-up expenditure is hundred buck, 000 which can be mostly intended for kitchen products, delivery automobile, store furnishings, starting inventoryВ expensesВ associated with opening our initial store, and construction. The start-up expenditure has been presented equally by the partners. Products

Sweet Doggie snacks sells beautiful custom sweets, cakes, and pastries in conjunction with exceptional customer satisfaction. В Consumers can choose any kind of custom style cake, pastry or their favorite dessert. В Sweet Treats caters to all of the customers by providing each client pastries and cake items made to address the customer to the smallest detail, with excellent customer service. We all also deliver and offer catering service at your house . or to the location of your function of party. В The bakery delivers freshly ready...


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