Business Failures

 Essay on Business Failures

Failures: Inside factors

Reasons of failure| Details

Team well-being | Low morale, since not enough payment

Advancement and risk taking| Simply no new advancement and or not willing to take risk will not likely bring any kind of profit towards the company| Stability | Instability, always new staff member, which in turn ruins the team cooperativeness from the work team| Team alignment | Not any orientation = no goals for the team| Focus on detail| Not enough attentions can lead to the disconnections on the customers

Failures: External factors

Reasons of failure| Explanations

Technological | Competitors have advance equipment that produce better smokes | Political| Policies make the price of cigarettes more expensive| Social culture| People believe smoking is usually hazardous, as a result less purchase| Competitive| Rivals acquire more affordable price

Economic | Depression; necessary to afford cigarettes

(Cigarette Company)

(Logical Mathematics)

Interpersonal: -panel Discussion Q& A

" A business with no plan can be doomed to fail”

Q: Why do you think this statement is true?

A: I believe this kind of statement is very true since, the build of a business without a business plan will defiantly encountered a large number of difficulties and drawbacks. For example , the miscalculation of budget and current possessions and foreseeable future expenditure can cause serious outcomes such as the reduction of services quality(less budget= product quality will be bad)

Q: Just how can we solve this problem?

A: Well, it will be always confident to have a cover any every action in the industry. This is because a plan can give the business enterprise owner a indication therefore no distress will arise during the process in the plan

Q: Are there any likelihood for a organization to become success without any programs or arrangements?

A: In my opinion not. A business without a obvious plan might " survive” the first few a few months. But down the line when the organization tries to expand, they will...


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