Functions Described By Integrals WS

 Functions Identified By Integrals WS Dissertation

п»їAP CalculusName ____________________________ Period _____ Features Defined by Integrals

The graph beneath is, the derivative of. The graph consists of two semicircles and one line section. Horizontal tangents are located at and and a vertical tangent is found at.

1 . On what interval can be increasing? Justify your answer.

2 . So that values of x does have a relative lowest? Justify.

a few. On what intervals is usually concave up? Justify

4. For what values of times is undefined?

5. Identify the x-coordinates for all level of inflection of. Warrant.

6. For what value of x does reach its maximum value on the closed interval [0, 17]? Justify

six. For what worth of back button does reach its minimal value on the closed interval [0, 17]? Justify

8. If, find.

on the lookout for. Let. The graph of f is usually comprised of line segments and a quarter of a circle on [-2, 6]. a) Find and

b) Determine the open times where can be increasing. Rationalize your solution.

c) Determine the times where is concave straight down. Justify your answer.

d) Sketch.

e) Determine the absolute maximum and minimum of upon [-2, 6].

twelve. Let, the place that the graph of f, defined on [-5, 5], is comprised of line sections.

a) Decide the domain of.

b) Determine kids of.

c) Determine the relative extrema. Justify your answer.

eleven. The graph of consists of a semicircle and two range segments while shown.

a) Determine the ideals of x on the available interval (-2, 7) when has a comparable maximum. Warrant your solution.

b) Decide the beliefs of back button on the open interval (-2, 7) when has stage of inflection. Justify your answer.

c) If, then determine.

12. The chart of the function f, including three line segments, is given. Let.

(a)Compute and.

(b)Find the instantaneous rate of change of g, regarding x, by.



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