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Welfare Reform

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Title: Welfare Reform

Specific purpose: I would like to persuade my personal audience that drug check screenings needs to be mandatory to ensure that welfare recipients to receive their money.


Attention material: How many when you have jobs? Just how many in the event the people with jobs like to see a huge piece of their verify MIA due to state and federal taxation? And how many of you like understanding that that get rid of of your verify that's missing could very well be going towards a person's drug addiction?

Thesis Assertion: By improving a mandatory medication test for all welfare people, you make sure that hard working people's tax dollars being used the correct techniques, and not getting used to support a drug addiction,

Preview: Today I will let you know on the positives of medicine testing welfare recipients, how many states have already approved this law, how many states are trying to pass what the law states, the negatives of the drug testing, and what we can do to out this plan into actions.


My spouse and i. What benefits would medication testing well being recipients have got on each of our country?

A. David Vitter of U. S i9000. News Regular states, by simply drug testing welfare people, it would make certain that all industrious taxpayers' money I'd likely to get utilized in the correct and intended approach. The nation has already been in enough debt of more than $14 trillion, does it help to make much sense to be wasting tax money on unlawful drugs and dishonest well being recipients? Which makes no perception at all! (Vitter, 2011)

B. Enforcing drugs testing will also force drug users or addicts that are looking for financial assistance to obtain help ahead of receiving money that would have already been used to give food to their constant addiction (Vitter, 2011) By coming up with a want to make drug consumer go to rehab centers and treating their particular addiction just before...

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