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Nursing B05: Med/Surg

Case study # 1,


Y. L. makes an appointment to come to the clinic in which you are employed. This lady has been stressing of long-term fatigue, increased thirst, frequent hunger, and frequent urination. She denies any flag, burning, or low-back soreness on urination. She informs you she has a vaginal yeast infection that she has remedied numerous times with otc (OTC) medicine. She admits to starting smoking as going back to work full time as a attendant in a loan service. She also gripes of having difficulty reading amounts and reviews making repeated mistakes. She says, " By the time I go back home, and generate supper intended for my family, these people put my child to bed, My spouse and i am as well tired to exercise. ” She reviews her ft hurt; they frequently " burn or feel like there are buy-ins in all of them. ”She studies that, following her delivery, she returned to her classic eating design, which is rich in carbohydrates.

In reviewing Y. L. is actually chart, you see she has certainly not been noticed since the delivery of her child 6 years ago. This wounderful woman has gained considerable weight; her current weight is 80. 5 Kilogram, she is one hundred sixty cm (5'3”) tall. Today, her blood pressure is 152/97 mm Hg, and her plasma sugar level can be 16. 1 mmol/L. Her family medical professional orders this diagnostic tests: urinalysis, HbA1c, fasting BG (blood glucose), fasting lipid profile (cholesterol, LDL, HDL and triglycerides). Lab results are as follows:

Fasting BG: 15. 2 mmol/L

HbA1c: 12. 4%

Urinalysis: positive blood sugar, negative ketones

Total hypercholesteria: 7. several mmol/L

BAD: 240 mmol/L

HDL: forty-nine mmol/L

Triglycerides: 2 . 9 mmol/L

A subsequent fasting BG is also elevated and Y. D. is diagnosed with DM type a couple of

After ending up in Y. D and discussing management remedies the physician decides to start out multiple dosage injection of insulin therapy and have the patient count carbohydrate intake. Con. L. can be scheduled to get education classes and is to work alongside the diabetes team to get her BG under control.

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