Enthalpy of Reactants Lab Report

 Enthalpy of Reactants Laboratory Report Essay

Tara Keller

Locating the Ratio of Moles of Reactants within a Chemical Reaction 9/6/13


The purposes of this lab should be measure the temperature change of the reaction among solutions of sodium hydroxide and phosphoric acid, estimate the enthalpy, H, of neutralization of phosphoric acid solution, and review the calculated enthalpy neutralization with the approved value. Theory

Calorimetry may be the measurement of change of warmth in a response.

A calorimeter is a tool to measure the amount of warmth exchange within a chemical reaction (Helmenstine, " Calorimetry”). Calorimetry is used because the understanding of the amount of strength needed to create a reaction is incredibly useful to scientists studying chemistry.

Coffee-cup calorimetry arises inside of a Styrofoam cup. A known volume of water is definitely poured in the cup and a thermometer is placed through the lid and under the surface area of the normal water. When the chemical reaction occurs inside the cup, heat of the reaction is soaked up by the normal water. The enhancements made on water temperature can then be used to estimate the amount warmth released or perhaps absorbed inside the reaction. With this experiment, coffee-cup calorimetry is being used to gauge the enthalpy with the reaction between H3PO4 and NaOH. Apparatus


Thermometer- measures levels Celsius, could possibly be measured wrong

Styrofoam cup- retains water and reactants intended for the calorimetry, do not topple over

2- 250mL beakers- used to evaluate reactants, can be measured incorrect

Glass mixing rod- utilized to stir

2- 50mL graduated cylinders- use to measure out solutions, could possibly be measured wrong. 0. 60 M phosphoric acid solution- toxic to blood, liver organ, skin, eyes, bone marrow. Wear eye protection and apron (Phosphoric chemical p MSDS) 1 . 85 Meters sodium hydroxide solution- toxic to lungs. Limit publicity (Sodium Hydroxide MSDS)


1 . Get and wear goggles. It is best to conduct this experiment within a well-ventilated area. 2 . Nesting a Styrofoam cup in a 250mL beaker.

3. Measure out 50. 0mL of zero. 60 M...

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