We’ll neglect none of your questions!

How can your college writing service help me?

If you are a high school or college learner, then there’s a good chance that you’ve faced drastic stress levels at several points during your tough academic career. Whether you had fraternity responsibilities or serious team practice for a sport, your essay writing couldn’t be carried out with all of the obstacles on your way. Fortunately, a great number of students have been searching for alternative ways to get their papers completed, but many of them have never heard of essay writing services. That’s a good thing that we’re the first writing services provider met by you, as we work with a rich variety of topics and disciplines. No matter of whether you require an essay on rocket propulsion or art history, our reparable writing service can easily put together a well-composed and coherent paper on any theme of your choice.

Why should I utilize your paper writing service?

Certainly, as any other guy, you doubt that you can count on good quality, but we’re pleased to confess that we have the best authors on the market! We really have grounds to ascertain this. They have proven themselves capable of writing excellent papers, and it’s seen through the positive reviews they get. When it comes to payments, we treat properly cautious clients. That’s why we have implemented an effective pay-after-completion system. So, once you obtain the exact paper you wish, only then you should send your payment. Our two major goals are mutual respect and trust.

What unique features does your service have?

Well, we offer various unique options, which other services can’t match. Alongside writing, we offer high quality proofreading and editing. Our team of authors will go over your paper as a group and perfectly optimize it for your needs! Speaking of our authors, no other service can provide the depth of knowledge, which our authors have. We keep diversifying the amount of topics, handled by us. That’s why it’s impossible to stump our expert authors.

Are you a reliable and trustworthy writing service?

A common occurrence that often sways learners’ opinions of paper writing services is that their peers or friends were scammed by one of the sketchy options available on the net. These learners either ordered an essay, which wasn’t delivered or they got terrible quality work. That’s so sad that these cheap alternatives are available on the net and learners keep purchasing papers from them. We have built a good reputation on being an honest and absolutely reliable service, which has been literally saving learners grades for years! Opt for our service if you need a well-written custom essay. We promise that you won’t regret.

Tell me about your proofreading and editing service

Sometimes as an author, you have already put together your paper but you still require some expert view on its quality. That’s where our proofreading and editing service comes in handy. Our specialists will assess your paper and confirm or deny the whole greatness of it. They’ll be glad to edit and proofread your stuff just to make it more coherent. Our authors are always available to discuss various ideas and strategies, so you’re welcome to contact these quick-witted guys day and night.

What if I dislike my custom paper?

In case your task requires some changes, you can request a revision. You can send your comments to the assigned author and state the exact number of hour he or she can utilize to complete it. If you require considerable alterations to the original order, we’ll charge a re-writing fee, calculated depending on the complexity of your task. For more information, check our revision policy.

What’s the samples service?

Samples can be defined as three randomly generated pages from the orders, previously completed by the assigned author. This service enables you to get acquainted with the writing style of the particular person, who’s going to work on your paper. Moreover, it gives you an opportunity to change the author within 2 hours from the moment samples are created. The author can be changed up to three times on one paper. If you fail to request a different author within the given time, it will be regarded as your acceptance of the author who was assigned initially. By the way, the given service is available for just $5.

Do your authors complete online tasks and multiple choice tests?

We don’t deal with multiple choice tests or any other kind of online tests, as we are assured that it’s as much the learner’s direct responsibility to pass tests as it’s to pass exams. Furthermore, it’s hard to evaluate the true quantity of work carried out by the author while taking a multiple choice test. Additionally, please be advised not to share your personal information with the authors in the paper details and via messages, as the company won’t take responsibility if your personal data is abused.

What’s Complex Assignment?

It indicates an order, which requires special knowledge as well as more advanced research skills. Consequently, authors with such qualities should be adequately compensated. As you might have guessed, we have enough authors with such “special” skills.