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France – Country Report

Table of Articles

Executive Summary3

Geographical Setting4


Economical Climate & Statistics5

Historical/Political Factors9

Cultural Factors9

Legal System11

Trade Related Issues12

Barriers/Opportunities to Business15



Professional Summary

This kind of report focuses on France as a nation for business investment. This begins using a broad summary of France's physical setting. Next, it examines the country's economic climate and high level economic statistics and compares that to those of Spain and Germany. Soon after, the record covers further information just like historical/political elements, cultural factors, legal environment as well as operate related problems. The subsequent helpings are barriers/opportunities to organization. The last portion is a advice which is a realization for the VP of promoting.

Geographical Placing

With an area of 643, 427 sq km, England is the greatest country in the European Union; France's topography is definitely diverse, with mostly toned plains or smoothly going hills in the north and west. Inside the east and south happen to be mountains, including Western Europe's highest point (Alpine maximum of Arete Blanc). Transportation of freights etc . shouldn't be too powerful with this kind of topography. Listed here are France's top four urban centers and a brief description of every. This information may be used to determine where your chosen organization in market will easily fit in and bring about success. * Paris -- Capital city of France and also the largest one. Paris houses most famous trend houses in the world. * Lyon - Metropolis is well known for its finest culinary chefs and delightful cuisine. 5. Toulouse -- This metropolis is located in south-west France on the banks of the River Garonne. Toulouse is a headquarters pertaining to Airbuses plus the business center for the knowledge and biotechnology industries. It is the most fortunate destination for operate fairs and conventions. Toulouse is also referred to as an educational hub, using more than 120, 1000 students, learning in its university, also the oldest in Europe. 2. Nice -- This city's major tourist attraction specifically, for honeymooners, is the People from france Riviera. Nice's flower companies are known for its rare and exotic blossom collection. Throughout the year, it has a Mediterranean climate.

The main plug-ins are Marseille, for transact with North Africa with the Mediterranean plus the Middle East; Bordeaux, for trade with West The african continent and much of South America; and Le Refuge, for control with United states and upper Europe. Crucial industrial ports Dunkerque happen to be and Rouen. Figure [ you ]. France's air, rail and slots. Source: Buy France,


* The following table contains France's populace and life expectancy statistics: Year| 2000| 2005| 2006| 2007| 2008| 2030

Populace Level| 59 049. 36| 60 995. 91| 61 352. 57| 61 707. 07| 61 840. 27| 67 309. 86| Populace Growth Rate| 0. 64| 0. 58| 0. 58| 0. 58| …| zero. 32| Life Expectancy at Birth| …| 80| 81| 81| 82| …

Figure [ a couple of ]. Origin: Country Record Profile 2010, plus the World Lender,

France's population since 2009 is definitely 62, 596, 000 (est. ) The literacy charge of France's population (aged 15 and over) can be 99%. Cost-effective Climate & Statistics

Portugal is the world's fifth-largest overall economy. It has a sophisticated, skilled labor force, significant agricultural resources and a large commercial base. The services sector accounts for a largely growing share of economic activity. The services sector is also in charge of nearly all job creation in recent years. To confirm its status as a leading economic participant in the world, Italy is a member of the G-8 (and instigator from the G-20), europe, the World Operate Organization and the OECD. Following Germany, Italy...

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