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MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS (Answers are on web page no of sixteen onwards) Queen. What is the primary objective on most businesses? a. To maximize profits b. To pay dividends to stockholders c. To provide a advantage to society d. To manufacture a quality item ANS:

Q. When a business borrows money, it incurs a(n) a. tax. m. liability. c. receivable. m. addtional fairness. ANS: Queen. When a method sold, this cost is often called a. cost of goods offered. b. income. c. items. d. retained earnings. ANS: Q. The financial resources a company owns are called a. possessions. b. liabilities. c. income. d. stockholders' equity. ANS:

Q. Privileges to receive cash from buyers are a. liabilities. b. prepaid expenses. c. accounts receivable. d. accounts payable. ANS: Q. Which will of the pursuing is considered a property? a. Accounts payable n. Prepaid expense c. Awful debt d. Stockholders' equity ANS:

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Queen. The part of accounting in business is the most suitable defined as a. an information system that provides reports to stakeholders about the economic activities and current condition of a business. b. a method of predicting the future success of a business. c. the policies, methods, and strategies used in an enterprise. d. deal analysis. ANS: Q. Debts owed with a business will be referred to as a. accounts receivable. b. equities. c. stockholders' equity. m. liabilities. ANS:

Q. An index of revenue and expenses for a specific time frame is a(n) a. cash flow statement. n. balance sheet. c. statement of cash flows. deb. retained income statement. ANS: Q. Gilbert, Inc. got the following bank account balances in September 35, 2010. What is Gilbert's net income for the month of September? Accounts Payable Capital Cash Gear Fees Received Miscellaneous Price Rent Expense Retained Revenue Wages Price a. m. c. g. $32, 435.00 $27, 400.00 $6, 550 $18, 150 $ five, 000 12, 000 16, 300 15, 400 fifty four, 400 18, 200 5, 150 6, 550 13, 900


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Q. Browning, Inc. had revenues of $234, 500, expenses of $175, 500, and withdrawals of $30, 000 during 2010. Which in turn of the pursuing statements is correct? a. Net gain for 2010 totaled $29, 1000. b. Net gain for 2010 totaled $59, 1000. c. Total retained earnings increased simply by $59, 500 during 2010. d. Total retained profits decreased by $30, 1000 during 2010. ANS: Queen. A summary of modifications in our earnings retained in the business for any specific time frame is a(n) a. profits statement. m. balance sheet. c. statement of cash flows. m. retained profits statement. ANS: Q. Heedy Company experienced the following consideration balances this year and 2011, respectively. Assuming dividends / withdrawal of $20, 500 were paid in 2011, just how much was net gain? Capital Share Retained Income Total Stockholders' Equity $62, 000 $82, 000 $272, 000 $252, 000 2011 $ forty two, 000 x $ 314, 000 2010 $ 40, 1000 210, 1000 $ 250, 000

a. b. c. d.

ANS: Q. A list of assets, financial obligations, and owners' equity since a specific particular date is a(n) a. cash flow statement. b. balance sheet. c. statement of money flows. g. retained earnings statement. ANS: Q. Which in turn of the next is the right representation in the accounting formula? a. Property + debts = stockholders' equity n. Assets sama dengan liabilities + stockholders' collateral c. Assets = financial obligations d. Resources = debts + maintained earnings ANS:

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ACCY111 as well as SAMPLE TEST PAPER Q & A

Q. Presented the following set of accounts, calculate Total Resources: Accounts Receivable Capital Inventory Cash Products Fees Received Miscellaneous Charge Rent Expenditure Retained Income Wages Expenditure a. m. c. g. $84, 75 $59, seven hundred $46, two hundred and fifty $39, 700 $ five, 000 twenty, 000 19, 300 15, 400 44, 400 18, 200 4, 150 6th, 550 13, 900


Q. Utilize the following details to determine Total Stockholders' Collateral: Total Possessions Total Financial obligations Total Stockholders' Equity $ 60, 000 bucks 15, 500 x

a. b....


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