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Key Ideal Issues In relation to the Global Flight Industry Utilized Air France-KLM as a research case


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This statement uses Surroundings France-KLM as a case to answer three research questions linked to global company strategies: 1) how core competences and dynamic features used by the Group to achieve and maintain competitive advantage inside the worldwide aircarrier industry; 2) how proper alliance and mergers & acquisitions have enabled the Group to increase corporate success; and 3) how the Group achieved corporate profitability and CSR goals at the same time.

Based on both literature review and extra research, it can be found that at first, equally core competencies and powerful capabilities will be major options for establishing Air France-KLM's competitive advantages in global airline industry. Specifically, the Group's primary competences consist of: 1) constantly investing in modern fleet; and 2) continuously developing effective and balanced network. Furthermore, the Group's dynamic potential lies in you can actually long-term proposal into bettering products and services through the investment of technology and innovation. Second of all, SAs and M& While brought the company's significant benefits, such as price reduction, network increase, and multiple hub structure advancement; whilst in addition, it brought the Group a number of challenges and uncertainties, including the operational problems for the use, and unforeseen risks about business and financial overall performance if lovers in connections not to fully participate in or withdraw. And at last, as both the problems of success and responsibility are important for people who do buiness success, Surroundings France-KLM has to take the two issues in mind ahead of developing strategies. In previous nine years, the Group balanced business profitability and corporate social responsibility objectives in same time through investing the Group's modern navy, investing in development and product quality, hiring and training high-professional and loyalty staff, respecting culture diversity and enriching buyer relationship.



Surroundings France-KLM is a French-Dutch aircarrier, and it is a result of the combination in 2004 between Air France and KLM. In 2008, the Group started to be the largest airline firm in the world, and it has been remaining one of the World's eight safest flight companies.

This analysis survey aims to use Air France-KLM as a circumstance to answer three research queries associated with global corporate strategies: 1) just how core competences and active capabilities utilized by the Group to achieve as well as competitive positive aspects in the worldwide airline sector; 2) how strategic units and mergers & acquisitions have enabled the Group to maximise corporate and business profitability; and 3) how the Group attained corporate earnings and CSR objectives simultaneously.

Question I: core competences and dynamic functions

This section talks about relevant materials and appropriate techniques for strategic analysis in order to critically assess the core competences and energetic capabilities utilized by Atmosphere France-KLM to succeed in and maintain competitive advantages in the global airline sector.

1 . 1 Ideas of crucial concepts

In order to solution research concerns, it is important to understand the meaning in the terms ‘core competences', ‘dynamic capabilities' and competitive advantage' in a assumptive and reflecting perspective.

1 . 1 . 1 Core competences

The idea of core competence serves as the basis driving force in back of strategic adjustments and this arouses fascination from both academics and practitioners. Hamel and Prahalad (1994) describes core skills as a package deal of techniques and technology which allows a firm to provide a particular gain to it is consumers. Relating to...


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