Implementation Survey

 Implementation Statement Essay

Implementation Report

This is an application that allows user to play different types of music with simple and useful interface. It has two variants of music which are Punk and Doldrums and it also improvise itself lurking behind the display screen. How the style is completed and implemented is as follow.


The framework of the design and style is demonstrated in [Figure 1] as well as the functions information in [Table 1]


Figure you

|Function Name |Input Variables |Return Beliefs |Description | |main | None |Integer, error level passed to |Driving functions, always returns| | | |environment |to zero | |display_welcome | non-e | None |Display welcome message and key | | | | |usages | |play_jazz |Key [j] (int) |Integer, a set of remarks to be |Apart form playing the set notes, | | | |played. |the clips may be improvised by simply | | | | |using randomized array lists to | | | | |vary the chords. | |play_blues |Key [b] (int) | | | |random_number |jscale_note (array) |Integer, the chords that a | | | |bscale_note (array) |progression is founded on. | | |stop |Key [s] (int) |zero |Set the volume to zero to halt | | | | |music playing.

Stand 1

Though, while applying the design, a number of changes are made. The capabilities are structured as below. [Figure 2] [pic]

Determine 2

It can be clearly found that random_number is called within just two music-playing functions and this stop function is no longer exist. It is substituted by kbhit and getch functions. If the user squeezes ‘s' essential, the music stops after concluding one cycle. Nevertheless, you will not stop the music as soon as ‘s' is pushed. Maybe it can be result from the possible lack of my familiarity with C terminology. Since random_number can be called by just set message, for example , to pitch = (lowest limit, highest limit), there is no need to make a separate function of it.

In terms of music, the two kinds consist according to work 3 and Figure some, which are as same as the design. [pic]

Number 3. Brighten music [1]


Determine 4. Blues music [2]

The Source Code is listed in [Appendix I]

Testing and Verification

After Building this software, the output display is proven in [Figure 5] plus the screen after Executing is definitely shown in [Figure 6]. [pic]

Figure a few


Determine 6

To evaluate the program, ‘j' is first pressed and the Jazz music music can be heard. Second, press ‘s' and the music will stop after playing a loop. It will the same when starting with ‘b' or press ‘b' following the music prevents. If ‘q' is pressed, there will be a line expressing " Press any key to continue”.

Customer Manual

1 ) Introduction

1 . User interface

Welcome to PlayIt! This is an application that performs Jazz...


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