Info Dictionary

 Data Book Essay

What Is A Info Dictionary?

Every the IBM Dictionary of Computing, a data dictionary is known as a " central repository details about info such as which means, relationships to other data, origin, use, and file format. " Essentially, it is paperwork or data about info in a record or data source, also called metadata.

Typical Things In A Info Dictionary

For each field or perhaps column in a database table, describe the subsequent elements:



File/Table Name

The name of the file or table wherever this field/column is stored (origin) File/Table Description

Some of the purpose/usage of the file/table.

Field/Column Brand

Data Type

Character (Char), numeric (N) including number of decimals, integer (Smallint, Int), memo, binary, varchar, and so forth Position

The starting placement of field in record layout (if not within a database table) Length

Field length

Human relationships

If a databases table, explain whether line is a Major (PK) or perhaps Secondary Key (SK) to x line in back button table. Which means

A detailed description of the particular data means, including details of unique codes, etc . For example: M sama dengan Male, Farrenheit = Woman. Usage

A detailed description of how the data can be used in the program including exceptional processing considerations. For example: " Records with code times must be strained out to harmony to the basic ledger total. ” Required/Null

An indication as to whether this discipline is permitted to have no data (null).

Bear in mind, the meaning and usage of a specific data aspect may not be just what is supplied in the system documentation. The users of the system may be keeping other data in that field/column for a completely different purpose. So , be sure to confirm the data meaning and usage with an expert user of the program!

Example Data source Data Book

Below is an example of a normal data book obtained from the documentation of any database. This is an excellent start, although should be improved with usage details exactly where applicable to be more useful to end users....


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