Introducing legislation

 Introducing legislation Essay

Chapter 1

Introducing the law

Chapter you | Launching the law

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Law and life

The nature of law

Justice, ethics and politics

The sources of regulation

The Aussie legal system

Law and life

Part 1

Presenting the law

You already know about the law...

•... out of your personal lifestyle.

•... from your business actions.

•... through the media.

•... from well-known culture.

•There are very handful of aspects of your life that are not

governed by law.

The size of law

Phase 1

Launching the law

Understanding the law

•Law is:

– the set of rules,

– made by the state, and

– enforceable simply by prosecution or perhaps litigation.

•Business law is definitely:

– The set of guidelines regulating businesses and

organization activities of the state and

enforceable simply by prosecution or perhaps litigation.

Law's ideals

The objective of law


– resolves disputes,

– maintains interpersonal order,

– preserves and enforces community values,

– protects the disadvantaged,

– stabilises our economy, and

– prevents the misuse of power.

Types of law

Physique 1 . a couple of

The changing law

•The law adjustments regularly because of:

– personal change,

– the need to repair problems with the law,

– changing community ideals,

– pressure from reception groups, and

– changing technology.

Proper rights, ethics and politics

Part 1

Presenting the law

Regulation in circumstance

Figure 1 ) 3

Legislation and rights

•Justice may be understood because fairness, just like fair

reimbursement or consequence, a fair decision or a good

distribution of resources.

•The notion of fairness provides influenced the expansion

of business law in many ways.

Law and justice

•The relationship between law and justice may not be

necessary, but it really is desired.

•There happen to be three types of proper rights:

– Distributive justice;

– Procedural proper rights; and

– Retributive rights.

Law and ethics

•A legal choice is one that conforms with the regulation; an

ethical choice is the one which is recognized as ‘good' and


•Law and ethics generally correspond, but:

– a conclusion that is legal may not be moral, and

– a decision that may be ethical is probably not legal.

Regulation and national politics

•While what the law states is more than merely governmental policies, the law can be

shaped and influenced simply by power and politics.

•Particular laws are generally the expression of a political ideology.

•Legislation is made by political figures to implement

government procedures and obtain political goals.

The options for law

Part 1

Presenting the law

The three arms of presidency

Figure 1 ) 8

Separation of powers

•Theoretically, the legislature, the executive and the

judiciary ought to as far as feasible remain functionally


•In Australia, members of the exec (the Excellent

Minister / Premier as well as Chief Minister and the additional

Ministers) are also members in the legislature (the

Parliament) which means the legislature and the

business are not totally separate.

Dependable government

The Australian legal system is similar to the

British legal system because is tries to

incorporate separation of powers, although also the

doctrine of responsible govt.

Forms of government

Figure 1 . 7

Types of legal system

•Civil law legal systems are the most common type of

legal program.

•The primary source of rules is laws in the form of

codes, statutes and constitutions; case law is generally

not recorded and is certainly not recognised as being a source of legislation.

•Examples consist of France, Australia, Russia, Chinese suppliers,

Japan, Thailand and Korea.

Types of legal program

•Common law legal devices are based on the British

legal system.

•The two primary sources of legislation are guidelines and case

legislation; the judiciary is much more strong and influential

in common regulation countries as compared to civil rules countries.

•Examples include the British isles, Australia,

Canada and New Zealand.

The Australian

legal system

Part 1

Bringing out the law

The six key characteristics from the

Australian legal system

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