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Case Study #1 KU Consulting Report

Judy Dowling

MT435 Operations Managing

Kaplan College or university

March 22, 2015

Case Study #1 Albatross Anchor

On your behalf for KU Consulting, I would really prefer to take this kind of opportunity to addresses some of the difficulties with Albatross Core. Starting in 1976 as a small family owned business, Albatross is now a one hundred twenty five employee procedure. They produce bell and hook anchors and sell these people wholesale in bulk. Located in Smalltown, USA, the business is facing many difficulties in respect to building space, technology, and US security and environmental standards, and production costs (Albatross Anchor). Cost

a) Expense of Production: The cost of manufacturing the bell anchor is $8. 00 every pound plus the cost of making the hook anchor is usually $11. 00 per pound, yet demand the same amount every unit his or her competitors, which often decreases their very own profit margins. At this point Albatross is dealing with procedures and creation obstacles as a result of lack of space for the production of both equally anchors. b) Economies of Scale occur when the expense per product decreases as the production better levels of units increases. To be able to achieve this, the fixed expense per unit does not modify and is spread over an increasing number of models (Pettinger, Capital t., 2012). Development or working costs tend not to increase with all the output levels increasing. Since Albatross produces small amounts due to the space issue, and raw materials acquired in large quantities would be a big price because of time sitting nonproductive, it would not really be simple to even identify the financial systems of range. c) Expense of Raw Materials Seated Idle in the Warehouse: Since Albatross companies only one of their two products at a time, raw materials are becoming stored and sitting idle within the small warehouse space. This in turn produces a costly burden on Albatross. d) Cost of Finished Products Sitting Nonproductive in the Storage place: Because of Albatross being landlocked they have fat restrictions on the products which means they must dispatch via pickup truck, rail or perhaps ocean gets. By using division center, their products can be transported out once finished in order that there isn't a extended waiting period for the merchandise to be nonproductive. Speed of manufacturing process from order to completed product. Though it takes thirty-six hours to convert the machinery to comply with technical specs of the merchandise being made, the process reaches its greatest. For significant bulk instructions it can take 3 to 4 weeks to fill. This can be an area of definite matter. Flexibility in filling order(s)

Due to the fact that they have to alter machinery to support one product at a time, in the event that an order for a product that is not being created at that particular time comes in the turn-around time is three to four weeks so that the firm can complete the product which can be in development, tear down devices and switch them out, then production the product subsequent on order. Technology

Albatross can be working with obsolete office machinery, and their grow layout is in need of improvement and redesign. By investing in updated pcs for school and changing the layout then orders can be received and shipped quicker by learning ahead of time what product will have to be produced subsequent in line. Also, a flexible making system (FMS) could be put into place so that machines could be brought to accommodate the two products with minimal adjustments and setup and queuing times lowered (Inman, Ur., 2015). Capability and facilities

With having to assist in every inches of space in one building it is difficult to optimize production and effectiveness. To become more efficient the layout of the facility needs to be transformed. Incorporating the warehouse (foundry) with the finished products and recycleables, this would enable receiving and shipping having the ability to move far more smoothly. The administrative location can be lowered in size with billing and administrative (HR,...

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