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Literature assessment 3

Know-how management4

The development of social network and social media5

The process of development and know-how transmission in the organization7 Circumstance of American Express9

Analysis and Discussion11




We know that the innovation is the power to push the development of the society, and organizations would be the pioneer of innovation, concurrently people realize that knowledge management (KM) is the central way to back up innovation, hence the KM has turned into a important discipline of increasing useful interest to managers, experts, and also to company consultants. But you may be wondering what is understanding management? How do it support the innovation? The development of social networking offers a great channel for companies to boost their know-how management, concurrently also create a better advancement environment.

Social networks have already been at the core of human society since we were hunters and gatherers. Everyone was tied jointly through their very own relations with one another and their reliance on one another. Together with the developing with the technology of communication, social media is becoming an even more and more crucial way for people and companies to communicate with others, and from the exploration from Nielsen Information (2010) you observe that " The world today spends a lot more than 110 billion dollars minutes in social networks and blog sites per month. This means 22 percent of all time on the web ― or one in every single 4. 5 mins. At the same time McKinsey & Business observed that 9 out of every 10 businesses using Web 2 . 0. 0 technology are seeing measurable business advantages from its use (McKinsey, 2009). So we can find that the introduction of social network can be changing the pattern of our living, the way of doing business. Since that most of us are generally not very clear regarding the concept and the function of social network and social media, and just how can social media support companies on innovation, so from this pepper we will do some study with the examination of the social networking strategy of American Express help people to understand even more about them.

Materials review

From the concept of the knowledge based view (KBV) of the п¬Ѓrm, Kogut and Zander (1992), who asserted that п¬Ѓrms exist to create, transfer, and apply knowledge and info efficiently. Others have contended that a KBV provides proper guidance, enabling a firm in a competitive and dynamic environment to arrange their very own internal activities to enhance their make use of knowledge for competitive advantage and for progress (Conner and Prahalad 1996; Kogut and Zander 1992). Moreover, the importance of KILOMETERS within agencies has considerably risen due to the fast develop of globalization, the speed in the price of scientific change, or maybe the need to share best practices (Zack, 1999a; Mehta, 2008). (Kogut and Zander, 1992; Give, 1996; Spender and...

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