Latin Translation

 Latin Translation Essay

Accidit lace Seruilius

It happened that Servilius spoke rather freely regarding the defendant's wickedness.

(Accidit ut)

(it happened that Verres was present at Lily)

By quam durch!

But for what reasons undead gods!

Aude hoc primum

Dare to deny this first, if you possibly can: by all at it had been seen Lily, heard simply by all of Sicily.

Dico ciuem

I say a Roman resident when he have been beaten because of your lictors, to have fallen before your eyes.

Nam in foro Lily

For in the forum of Lily, a Roman resident to whom the name was C. S i9000 was chucked down prior to the feet of Verres with rods and blows.

Nam si uultis

For if you want I will most easily persuage all of Siciliy that a see should be.

Num potes negare?

Sure you are unable to deny Verres you have carried out this?

Qua in causa hortor

Which in case My spouse and i urge one to whom We speak, We urge and pray you will pay many careful attention and never wait for proofs.

Quod isti cum

Which to the person when it was announced, he ordered servilius to come to Lily.

Reliqua apertura

The remaining circumstance, judges, which I now carry out is certainly not relevant to allies safety but to life and blood of Roman citizens.

Seruilius igitur, cum

As a result Serv, when ever Verres had ordered that he should certainly come, came to Lily.

indicative present




perfect system

egimusacti, -ae, -a sumus

egeramusacti, -ae, -a eramus

subjuctive present




egissemusacti, -ae, -a essemus


age group




egisseactus -a -um esse

acturus -a -um esse| actum iri


agens agentis



causa, -ae, f.: circumstance; reason

cadЕЌ, cadere, cecidД«, cДЃsum: I actually fall

concidō, concidere, concidī, —: I fall, failure; am wiped out morior, morī, mortuus amount: I perish

ЕЌs, ЕЌris, n.: face; mouth

lД«bertДЃs, lД«bertДЃtis, farreneheit.: freedom, liberty

ignЕЌscЕЌ, ignЕЌscere, ignЕЌuД«, ignЕЌtum: I forgive

petЕЌ, petere, petД«uД«, petitus: I look for

quaerЕЌ, quaerere, quДЃesД«uД«,...


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