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This kind of module provides examples of ways that learning outside of the classroom may be used to facilitate Education for Eco friendly Development. This includes short appointments into the college grounds and local community, as well as visits to farms, factories, offices, area science centres and all-natural settings like a forest, a beach or possibly a national playground. Providing pupils with top quality learning actions in relevant situations further than the walls of the classroom is vital for supporting students love their quality experiences via a variety of different points of views. Experiences beyond the classroom likewise enhances learning by providing pupils with opportunities to practice expertise of query, question, inquiry, interrogation, values research and logic and solving problems in every day situations. Yet , taking pupils outside the class requires cautious planning with the learning actions and awareness of the health and safety hazards that might be encountered. This component provides assistance with these areas of planning for learning outside the class room. OBJECTIVES

* To develop an awareness with the positive impact that experiences away from classroom can easily have about Education pertaining to Sustainable Advancement; * To develop an understanding with the planning, enterprise and risikomanagement required for instructing and learning outside the class room; and 2. To identify appropriate strategies for teaching and learning outside the classroom. ACTIVITIES

1 . Learning in the local area

2 . Approaches to learning outside the class room

3. Planning for learning away from classroom

some. Risk management

5. Reflection


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This component was drafted for UNESCO by Bernard Cox, Margaret Calder, John Fien and Lisa Ryan using materials written by Barry Law in Learning for a Lasting Environment (UNESCO – ACEID).


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