Art gallery Marketing Mixture

 Museum Advertising Mix Composition


I – Introduction

I have been offered a short period positioning in the Countrywide Maritime Art gallery. As part of my own team tasks in the Advertising Department, Need to produce a simple report to describe the advertising mix of the organisation to be able to examine different facets of marketing.

The National Maritime Museum situated in the cardiovascular system of Greenwich where is home to historically structures and most significant national series. It is the museum itself and in addition is a visitor attraction, which is funded by the Government to keep up its Universe Heritage Site.

Each year the museum allures many visitors coming from all over the world to come and see a wide range of displays and have the comprehension of the seas, oceans, some space, exoplanets and the world and know the dimensions of the importance and the relationship with individuals.

As a traveler attraction, the museum needs to produce a marketing plan to focus on the market as well as the visitors. Promoting mix is definitely an essential part affect user's motivation for a lot of organisations when it comes to products, cost, place and promotion.

II – Promoting Mix

2 . Products

Visitors, of course , come to museum to find the arts, galleries, collections, displays and versions. In the Countrywide Maritime Museum visitors may explore the astronomy and time simply by seeing how stars and planets will be born, the Solar systems, Harrison timekeeper at the galleries. There are above two , 000, 000 collections associated with seafaring, astronomy, time dimension and course-plotting with above 9000 objects and doze, 000 pictures in the museum.

The other reason for surfers to come towards the museum is that Greenwich is usually a traveler destination on its own, well known as a World Historical past Site. Particularly, the art gallery is made up of 3 significant sites, which are: the Royal Observatory, famous since the Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) as well as the Prime Meridian Line (Longitude 0 degree, the Queen's House – the 1st building designed with the classical style in England and the Nationwide Maritime Museum galleries (Maritime galleries). These three key sites may also be separate products. They have Observatory Galleries, Planetarism in the Regal Observatory; rare portrait selections by the most well-known painters Truck Dyck, Gainsborough, Hogarth and Reynolds in the Queen's House.

The art gallery does not target any specific type of customers, they do a lot of actions to attract households with children, adults, group visit, university trips and businesses:

• Permanent and temporary exhibitions


The museum operates many exhibitions for all people throughout the year. For example , North-West Passing, Astronomy Shooter, Jeremy Sinnumero: Given will be three pointed out exhibitions.


Besides, tour exhibitions can be popular and normally full-booked as they complement activities on-site and generate a head to through a large number of places in britain such as Beacon, Glasgow, Outer skin, Aberdeen, Superb Yarmouth, etc… Some big tour displays are: Near the Seaside in tour, Turmoil and Peace on tour, Your Sea on head to and on tour – Skin area deep: a history of tattooing.


These sheets exhibition specialise for children known as All Hands and the Bridge Interactive Art galleries open to families every Tuesdays weekly and through school holidays. It all designed for children in any way ages, they will be able to mail a semaphore signal, load a cargo send and more interesting is shooting a cannon. This display is also employ for school group as a superb resource.

• Special attractions

The Countrywide Maritime Museum produces a number of events contain family occasions, adult programmes, school programmes, and sign-interpreted events.


An enjoyable experience activities are offered in family members events for a lot of, for under five years old and five years of age plus specifically. There are some even more special events for summer getaways, half-term holiday seasons, which are Check out Saturdays,...


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