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 My Essay

Kristian Gelfo

1 . List and describe the phases of Meiosis 1 )


Metaphase We - Paired homologues proceed to the center of equator in the cell. Anaphase I -- The homologues seperate coming from each other and get moved to opposite poles by kinteochores. Telophase I - Spindle microtubules dissappear, cytokinesis arises, and the elemental envelope reappears. 2 . Identify homologue partnering and crosing over. When stage of meiosis do they occur?

A: When two homologous chromosomes get together before department, it's homologue pairing. This really is so that they can distinct properly, as well as the cell makes sure that each daughter gets a single copy. Cossing over is when two homologous pairs trade their particular DNA. Some dna in one will be eliminate and traded for a item of the other one through the same position. They both equally occur in Prophase I. several. Name two functions of chiasmata.

A: Chiasmata will act as the point of intersection during meiosis and aids in the process of crossing above. 4. Remedy haploid little girl cells contact form during Meiosis?

A: At the end of Telophase in Cytokinesis.

a few. List and describe the phases of Meiosis II.


Meiosis II - Seperates the sister chromatids.

Prophase II -- Spindle fabric reform.

Metaphase II -- Duplicated chromosomes line up.

Anaphase II -- Sister chromatids seperate to be able to poles. Telophase II - Nuclear envelopes reform, chromosomes relax, and cytoplasm divides. 6. In what ways happen to be mitosis and meiosis comparable? In what techniques are they different?

A: Mitosis is not for sex cellular material. Mitosis also uses RNA to replicate the DNA and divide. Meiosis is made for sex cellular material (sperm and egg) and doesn't work with RNA to replicate. They may be similar in that they are the two main techniques cells split to form more cells. Mitosis provides several cells and meiosis delivers two cells.


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