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Brand launch in Pakistan

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Nestle – Introduction

The Nestle Background

Nestlé T. A., this current Switzerland centered international food group, at first consisted of corporations and two products: Henri Nestle great baby food in Vevey, as well as the Anglo-Swiss Compacted Milk Business and its compacted milk in Cham, both in Switzerland. In 1866 the Site Brothers from your United States build a new market in Cham, making condensed milk via a raw material that was obtainable in abundance in the region. In 1868 Henri Nestle, a chemist in Vevey, created a dairy and cereal based meals which rapidly saved the life of a baby which will its mother could not feed. The companies competed vigorously till 1905, whenever they merged and became the beginning point of the present food group. Brand launch in Pakistan


Nestlé commences its very long relationship with South Asia when the Nestlé Angle-Swiss Condensed Milk Company starts adding and advertising finished goods in the Indian market. 1979

MILKPAK Ltd. is founded by Syed Babar Ali. It makes UHT dairy, cream and butter, and also fruit juices. 81

Production of long shelf-life UHT milk begins at MILKPAK Ltd. 's Sheikhupura factory. 1988

Nestlé SOCIAL FEAR acquires a 40 percent share in MILKPAK Ltd.


The Sheikhupura manufacturer starts the availability of NESTLÉ® NIDO® dairy powder and cereals. A brand new plant is definitely acquired by Kabirwala in the Punjab. 1992

Nestlé gets control the operating of the business and starts to develop the milk collection network. A Maggi® Noodles plant is installed at the Kabirwala factory. 1996

MILKPAK Ltd. is usually renamed Nestlé Milkpak Ltd.


The Kabirwala plant becomes a completely owned product of Nestlé Pakistan Limited. 1998

NESTLÉ® PURE LIFE™ bottled water is definitely premiered in Pakistan. In a few years it is one of the world's leading sorts of bottled water. In the meantime, Nestlé milk collection system in the Punjab matures and the company will be able to buy all its milk from farmers instead of counting on contractors. 2001

Nestlé Pakistan acquires the Fontalia™ and AVA® water companies which in turn specialise in delivering water to homes and offices. 2005

Afghanistan turns into the fourth revenue zone of Nestlé Pakistan Ltd. june 2006

Nestlé Milkpak Ltd is usually renamed Nestlé Pakistan Limited. The GLOBE project is successfully launched, and is intended to additional cooperation and information sharing with Nestlé businesses around the world. Nestlé Pakistan responds swiftly to October's disastrous earthquake, using its own syndication channels to bring aid to the worst affected areas. Advertising campaign

Pakistan, which has a mammoth population of one hundred forty five. 96 mil, ranks poor on most health indicators with native to the island malnutrition getting the major root-cause. However , presented with wonderful Livestock endowment which deals with to provide regarding 1 . 01 million mt of gound beef, 0. sixty six million mt of beef and 28. 8 million mt of milk, there exists immense potential for sustainable development of livestock sector for rational increase in equally meat and milk. The milk is definitely projected like a commodity, which can be " foodstuff for life” by the Aussie and in Pakistan too the reality is that dairy and wheat or grain constitutes the bulk of the diet of our rural inhabitants. In fact , for the majority of non-urban populace, the two of these are the only available and available food items pertaining to daily intake. � Milk sector in Pakistan plays a significant part in its countrywide economy. It is estimated that every third household in the area supports a milch creature and the average herd size is about three (Punjab Lok Sujag, 2001). The annual milk production surpass 27. eight million loads in year 2001-02 (Economic Survey 2003), making Pakistan the 5th largest dairy producing region in the world. It is estimated that about 60 per cent of the calorie consumption are attained from dairy and its. Images of...


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