Petrol of Olay Case Study

 Oil of Olay Case Study Essay


The situation " Technique is Choice ” is around the problems confronted by Petrol of Olay in late 1990's, a skincare cream by simply P & G. This is a problem circumstance which a great solution. The key problems made an appearance in this case will be: * Oil of Olay was considered as old fashioned without longer relevant. * Product sales were reduced to a large extent.

* Customer base were reducing every year.

2. Market share was decreased.


The primary concept that can be applied via outside to the case is definitely " Promoting Myopia ”. This is because the P & G had not been considered the other skin care brands as the competitors until 1990. Following 1990 they will realised that their merchandise was dropping its market share. Until 1990 they were certainly not tried to make any improvements or advancement in their product. They were unable to see the upcoming competition in skin care market until their very own market got weakened and weakened year by 12 months.


The qualitative data succumbed this case are

* The Oil of Olay was seen old fashioned and no much longer relevant. 5. Women had been attracted to other brands with more to offer than Petrol of Olay. * The cost at which Olive oil of Olay sold in industry wasn't competitive with alternatives.


The quantitative data extracted from this case are

* The price of Olive oil of Olay's core product was $3. 99, wasn't competitive against the alternatives. 5. The Essential oil of Olay's sales were decreased under $800 million per year. This can be a very low sales charge for a industry leader in the $50 mil skin-care market.


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