Onomatopoeia Lesson

 Onomatopoeia Lessons Essay

IВ canВ understandВ andВ useВ

onomatopoeiaВ inВ myВ writing. В


OnomatopoeiaВ isВ whenВ authorsВ

useВ wordsВ thatВ soundВ likeВ theВ

actionВ orВ objectВ theyВ areВ naming. В

AnВ authorВ mightВ useВ theВ wordВ

" buzz” toВ describeВ aВ bee. В TheВ wordВ

" splat” mightВ beВ usedВ toВ describeВ

theВ soundВ ofВ aВ scoopВ ofВ iceВ creamВ

fallingВ onВ theВ floor. В


ListenВ toВ thisВ songВ aboutВ

onomatopoeiaВ andВ seeВ ifВ youВ

canВ identifyВ wordsВ thatВ imitateВ

sounds. В


В  В 

FindВ yourВ pencilВ andВ paper. В

MakeВ aВ listВ ofВ 5В orВ moreВ

onomatopoeiaВ words. В

Remember: В AuthorsВ useВ

onomatopoeiaВ wordsВ toВ soundВ

likeВ theВ actionВ orВ objectВ theyВ areВ

naming. В


ShareВ yourВ onomatopoeiaВ wordВ

listВ withВ aВ partner. В

• AreВ anyВ ofВ yourВ wordsВ theВ

same? В

• DoВ yourВ wordsВ describeВ animalВ

sounds? В

• DoВ yourВ wordsВ describeВ

soundsВ madeВ byВ actions? В

• DoВ yourВ wordsВ describeВ

soundsВ madeВ byВ objectsВ and/orВ

persons? В


ConsiderВ someВ ofВ theseВ

onomatopoeiaВ words. В DidВ theyВ

makeВ yourВ list? В


Let'sВ seeВ howВ aВ coupleВ ofВ

authorsВ useВ onomatopoeiaВ

wordsВ inВ theirВ writingВ whichВ

happensВ toВ beВ inВ theВ formВ ofВ

comicВ strips. В

В  В  В 

TurnВ andВ talkВ toВ aВ partnerВ aboutВ

theВ onomatopoeiaВ wordsВ theВ

authorВ usedВ inВ theВ PeanutsВ

story. В


Let'sВ seeВ howВ theВ authorВ ofВ

GarfieldВ madeВ theВ storyВ comeВ toВ

lifeВ byВ usingВ onomatopoeiaВ

words. В

В  В 

TurnВ andВ talkВ toВ aВ partnerВ aboutВ

theВ onomatopoeiaВ wordsВ theВ

authorВ usedВ inВ theВ GarfieldВ story. В


NowВ it'sВ yourВ turnВ toВ thinkВ likeВ anВ

authorВ whoВ usesВ onomatopoeiaВ

wordsВ inВ sentences. В YouВ areВ goingВ

toВ createВ yourВ ownВ comicВ strip, В orВ

cartoon, В usingВ onomatopoeiaВ

phrases. В BeВ sureВ youВ tellВ aВ storyВ thatВ

hasВ aВ beginning, В middleВ andВ end. В

YouВ mightВ wantВ toВ brainstormВ aВ

planВ ofВ yourВ cartoonВ beforeВ youВ

actuallyВ fillВ inВ yourВ comicВ strip. В


OnomatopoeiaВ ComicВ StripВ

TitleВ ofВ Story: В ____________________________________В Author: В _____________________________В


ThankВ youВ forВ grabbingВ thisВ freeВ

lessonВ fromВ


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