Pharmaceutical drug Industry in Egypt

 Pharmaceutical Industry in Egypt Essay

eSectoral Review

Pharmaceutical Sector in Egypt

November 2010

Sectoral review: Pharmaceutical Sector

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1 . Advantages 2 . Classification 3. Regulatory framework

3. 1 . Regulating body a few. 2 . Charges

3. a few. TRIPS

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4. Marketplace analysis

4. 1 . Market structure some. 2 . Usage 4. a few. Production 4. 4. Key players


5. Operate

5. 1 . Exports a few. 2 . Imports 5. three or more. Balance of trade

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6. SWOT analysis several. Outlook eight. Recommendations on the lookout for. Conclusion Appendix References

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Sectoral review: Pharmaceutical Industry

1- Advantages

Producing treatments is a strategic industry due to its importance on the social level and significant role in protecting the human health. Immeasureable dollars are annually used research and development all over the world to support this industry planning to increase human's ability to encounter different kinds of conditions which is obviously reflected inside the rising life span for people particularly in industrial countries where medication production is extremely concentrated in those countries. This sector has started in Egypt with Tal'at Harb and the institution of the first Egyptian pharmaceutical company in 1939 as of " Misr Business for Pharmaceuticals" believing inside the strategic significance of a strong national pharmaceutical sector. It has undergone many alterations along the record witnessing a large variation in the key players controlling the industry, attracting a large number of investments to that particular growing field that varieties about 30% of the drugs supply in the MENA marketplace, according to the American Chamber of Commerce in Egypt. So , this paper is spotting the main highlights of the pharmaceutical drug sector which includes demand, source, patterns of trade and regulatory framework that organizes the sector. The paper also takes up strengths in the sector and particularly after liberalizing the industry, bringing out an efficient subscription system for new medicines and other factors that have collectively helped to make a start in the performance of this sector. However , additionally, it mentions depressed views consider some hazards endangering that sector like the new prices system the Ministry of Health really wants to adopt as well as the TRIPS agreement that may in a negative way affect the pharmaceutical industry in Egypt.

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Sectoral survey: Pharmaceutical Industry

2- Classification

The pharmaceutical drug industry develops, produces and markets medications licensed for use as medication. There are different categories of treatments like: 2. OTC drugs and prescription medications Over The Counter (OTC) pharmaceuticals can be taken with no need to a pharmaceutical drug in contrast to prescribed drugs. * Branded and general medicine Patented medicine may be the original the one which is first of all produced and generic medication is the duplicate of the initial medicine. Patents form the major percentage of the value of drug demand. On the other hand, general medicine symbolized 60. 2% of the benefit of the pharmaceutical drug sector in 2008. 2. Biologics & biosimilars Neurological medicines will be produced applying biological techniques and biosimilar medicines happen to be copies of original natural medicines.

3- Regulatory structure

3/1) Regulating body The Egyptian Medication Authority (EDA), follows the Ministry of Health, may be the regulatory physique responsible for supervising the pharmaceutic sector. In addition, there are 3 sub-organizations comes after EDA: * The Central Administration of Pharmaceutical Affairs (CAPA) that is responsible for administrative regulations. 2. National Corporation for Drug Control & Research (NODCAR) to watch over drugs. * National Firm for Study & Control of Biologics (NORCB) to control biologics meeting the WHO requirements and worldwide standards.


Sectoral review: Pharmaceutical Market

3/2) Costs Before September 2009, the Pricing Panel in the Ministry of Wellness was deciding the profit perimeter ceiling several types of drugs through the " cost plus system". The profit...

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Sectoral survey: Pharmaceutical Sector

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