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Republic of the Thailand

Tarlac School of Farming

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Institute of Education

Extended Course Format in ENGL04-Philippine Literature in English

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Course Subject

Philippine Books in English language

Course Information

The course is known as a study of literary makes exemplified by the selected fictional texts from different regions of the Thailand written by different periods in the Filipino literary history. It aims to equip learners with fictional appreciation which may guide all of them towards healthful development of the innate potentials and principles.


3 units


Introduction to Books

Course Aims

The course has the pursuing objectives:

1 ) show the significance of the analyze of materials in human's life; installment payments on your link the modern day to the future based on the thoughts in the past as presented and preserved in the literary text messages;

3. mention the value of studying Philippine fictional texts; 5. identify and differentiate the different elements of the different genres just like short history;

5. state the importance of every element in the appropriate understanding of the genres;

6th. showcase the meaning and lessons derived from the literary text messages; 7. understand the value the literary prowess of the authors;

8. support students appreciate the richness and value of Philippine books; and on the lookout for. relate literary works to human experiences.



Students are expected to:

1 ) identify the importance of materials to individual endeavor;

2 . relate to the characters that personify the students' character or knowledge; 3. infer the communication implied inside the different types;

4. assimilate the lessons in every area of your life inherent inside the different fictional genres; a few. choose the accurate paths to get self-improvement since inspired by the literary text messages; 6. translate figurative symbolism of poetry and identify its components; 7. have positive view in education through chosen essays; almost eight. read poems observing correct phrasing and expression;

9. analyze the implications in the moves and motives in the characters/persona in the different makes studied; and

10. value and worth the richness and creative power of guy to express ideas/expressions.

Instructional Modes/ Learning Actions

1 . spiel

installment payments on your discussion

a few. Pair/group job

4. Arguments

5. Function play

6. Film looking at

7. Credit reporting

8. Storytelling

9. Actuacion

10. Film and Book review

Content Coverage

I. Intro

A. Literature defined

B. Importance of Materials

C. Philippine Persons Literature

Deb. Literary types

I. The short tale

A. Brief story described

W. Elements of short story

C. The Brief Stories

1 ) Death into Manhood

installment payments on your How my buddy Leon Brought Home a Partner

3. Dead Stars

four. Faith, Appreciate, Time and Dr . Lazaro

5. Wedding Party

6. The home on Zapote Street

six. We Filipinos are Moderate Drinkers

2. Essay

A. Essay identified

B. Types of Composition

C. Composition

1 . College or university Uneducation

2 . Sonia

3. Where may be the Patis?

5. Male Homosexuality in the Korea (Garcia)

3. Poetry

A. Poetry described

B. Aspects of Poem

C. Representative poems

1 . Tattoo

2 . Quietness

3. Such as the Molave

4. Eulogy of Roaches

IV. Play

A. Play described

B. Components of a Play

C. Sepang Loca

Learning Resources

1 ) CD/DVDs

installment payments on your Audio-video instruments

3. TV set

4. LCD projector/laptop

a few. Textbooks

6. Newspaper/magazines

several. Internet


1 . Balarbar, Corazon Sixth is v., et. 's. Gems in Philippine Literary works. Manila: National BookStore. 1989.

2 . Calixihan, Jovita O. and Lucesa Y. Diano. Jewels in Afro-Asian Literature. Manila: National Book shop. 1989. several. Roseburg, A. G. Pathways to Filipino Literature in English. Phoenix Publishing Residence. 1996 5. Saymo, Apolinario S. Philippine Literature. Trinitas Publishing, Incorporation. 2004 5. Tomeldan, Yolanda V., ainsi que. al. Prism an...

Sources: 2 . Calixihan, Jovita Um. and Lucesa Y. Diano. Gems in Afro-Asian Literature. Manila: Nationwide BookStore. 1989.


4. Saymo, Apolinario S. Philippine Literature. Trinitas Posting, Inc. 2004



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