Essay about physioex

Oral Diagnosis



1 . gen data

installment payments on your cc

several. hpi

5. mh

5. dh

6. fh

six. psoh

eight. systems

on the lookout for. physical assessment

10. oral exa

eleven. salient features

12. gear diagnoses

13. diagnosis

13. discussion

12-15. treatment plan

sixteen. progress be aware

17. treatment

1 . Standard Data:

Date and time of interview: September two, 2013

Complete name:

Host to birth: Kilometers. 11, Sasa, Davao City

Sex: Female

Nationality: Filipino

Volume of children: not one

Status: one

Occupation: scholar

2 . Patient's Chief problem

" Daot bist du unya naga hinay hinay na ug kapudpud. ” (Pointing teeth #11) three or more. History of present illness:

3 years PAID TO CLICK, the overhead of tooth # 10 fractured after eating dried up fish. Simply no pain therefore the patient didn't seek any kind of dental treatment. Starting from there, a number of the tooth structure were chipped off little by little. Six months paid to click, a spontaneous, dull, pulsating pain was felt when chips or food particles hotel in to the tooth cavity. Pain thought to last a lot more than 15 minutes.

Upon consultation, no additional subjected issues noted.

4. Medical History:

Not any previous hospitalization or small or significant operations been through. No drugs taken as routine service. Patient is usually allergic to chicken but the allergic reaction to any drugs is definitely not known. a few. Dental Background:

Individual has never attended a dental practitioner for dental care.

six. Family history:

Father has had an crash, he was electrocuted. He is taking Co-amoxiclav. Mom Is of healthier condition and her company siblings. Not any drugs taken as maintenance.

7. Personal Social Work-related History:

Patient is definitely the eldest among the 7 siblings. She generally eats grain and fish. Brushes her teeth 3 times a day but never gargles. Patient promises to have not any vices just like drinking alcohol consumption and cigarette smoking. 8. Review of Systems

a. i. Integumentary System


Simply no



a. ii. Neuro- -Skeletal System


Not any

Anxious system

Previous neurological challenges:

CNS trauma



Current neurological problems:

Fatigue (vertigo)

Fainting (syncope)

Recollection changes

Speech problems



Decrease of balance

Loss of balance


a. 3. Musculo-Skeletal System


Not any


Past Musculoskeletal problems:






Current Musculoskeletal problems:

Pain; Muscle cramps

Limited mobility; Unconscious movements

Gait change

Joints: pain, inflammation, stiffness, puffiness, tenderness, weakness

Extremities: numbness, color alterations (pallor, inflammation, blueness), altered temperature, toenail changes

Muscle tissue weakness; Paralysis

Muscle atrophy; Convulsions

Uncoordinated movement

a. iv. Breathing


Not any


Past respiratory problems:






Whooping coughing

Current Difficult

Difficulty inhaling and exhaling (dyspnea) in rest/with exercise (DOE)

Blueness of nails/lips

Pain with breathing


Blood in sputum (hemoptysis)

Shortness of breath (SOB)

Head has to be elevated to breath (orthopnea)


Sputum (coughed up material fr lungs)

a. v. Cardiovascular System




Past CV problems:

Large BP


Rheumatic fever

Congenital center ds


Thyroid gland problems

Varicose veins

Current CV Concerns

Chest pain

Weight gain


Dizziness (vertigo)

Swelling (feet/hands edema)

Fainting (syncope)

a. vi. Stomach Tract




Past GI problems:


Liver ds

Gallbladder problems

addiction to alcohol...


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