Poverty and Quality

 Poverty and Quality Dissertation

Are Indians Less Top quality Conscious?

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Prem said: (Thu, Jun six, 2013 '07: 13: twenty-five PM) �

According to my view, every person desire to become wealthy so naturally if he would be rich the quality consciousness comes all their way. Numerous international brands are going in India after liberalisation and the positive effect with fresh trends thus i believe that persons in India are staying more conscious not only for its quality but for trends as well. Rate this: � +0 � -0

Abhi explained: (Wed, Jun 5, 2013 12: thirty-three: 25 AM) �

I do support for my country. We all cannot say people of India are much less quality mindful. There are wide range of factors which in turn affects folks mentality while buying a product. He may be quality conscious nevertheless his spending budget has to allow for it normally he select what he can but in that too he select which is greatest this shows he is quality conscious. Such as if a midsection class man wants to buy a class this individual can't manage costly car like Audi in that case this individual goes for the very best in the category he can manage so Indians are definitely quality mindful. Rate this: � plus1 � -0

Yash said: (Sat, Jun 1, 2013 07: 40: 51 PM) �

Good night time everyone.

I really do agree that indians are much less quality conscious because products manufactured in India are mostly manufactured according to the fundamental income with the Indian human population and all quality conscious persons basically choose import items which are to much costly as compared to American indian so it depends upon the purchasing power of the person. Rate this: � plus1 � -0

Deepak Jha said: (Tue, May twenty-eight, 2013 09: 41: 40 PM) �


Within this theme, the question in the Indian individuals are quality conscious or not really. And according to my point of view, a lot of people are top quality conscious, since majority of the folks whether abundant or poor, would always been ask about the caliber of the product purchasing it.

Allow us to take an illustration: - presume I am a product owner or owner of a brand outlet. At this point if a lot of customer will come in my store choose a few product and after that comes to me personally, would enquire about the quality that " this kind of item great or not". Whether he can going to acquire that item or not, he almost certainly will inquire about the quality of that product, at this point here simply we got the answer that most in the people are top quality conscious. And always go through the majority, therefore we can admit Indian folks are quality conscious. Rate this: � +2 � -0

Amit Bhbanj said: (Tue, May 21, 2013 04: 21: 50 PM) �

Very well the topic excellent but it offers only one response: " income". In India people of each and every section of society wants quality, but due to less salary most of the people bargain and shift to fewer quality goods, on the other hand abundant people can purchase quality items as they include sufficient funds power furthermore these quality products are usually high in prices because of growing demands in richer portion of the society so there is not any scope of poor people for being quality conscious. Rate this kind of: � +10 � -0

Chengappa M said: (Wed, May eight, 2013 14: 17: 52 AM) �

Hi there everyone!

This is actually a debatable topic.

Of india is a country where there is always been infrequent share involving amongst its citizen, ours is a region where rich person gets richer and the poor gets poorer.

With this economic inequality, common guy has to think hard when he thinking about buying menial things like groceries for home. Assessing and buying has turned into a routine.

Through this situation the manufacturing sector which aims at high product sales of products in order to reduce the prices of their goods ignore the top quality factor of the product.

The 'Chalta haifisch! ' attitude of the citizens of the nation...


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