Graphic Design and Book Coat Analysis

 Graphic Design and Book Jacket Analysis Composition

Project 15 – Upgrade a Book Cover

Objective: Using Adobe Photoshop, design a fresh cover for among the books you discussed inside the " Book Jacket Analysis” assignment.


1 . Pick one of the catalogs you analyzed in Task 9 – Book Jacket Analysis. Select the book which you believe has got the WORST cover of the two.

2 . As you create your very own cover for that book using Adobe Photoshop.

3. Label the methods discussed about book outdoor jackets.

four. As a reminder, a protective cover will:

get the reader's attention,

give an indication the particular story is approximately, or a " feel” for any story, and definitely will NOT offer the finishing. �

your five. Your cover can be well balanced between textual content and graphics, or images dominated (NO text only cover). �

6. You only have to design a cover – not a backbone or back again cover.

7. Your cover is to include the author and title. � USE THE CREATIVITY. �

8. Make your cover 8. 5 by eleven inches in 72 ppi. �

9. Save your file as a JPEG and name it lastnamecover (where lastname is your last name).

10. Upload your file to the Drop Box folder on the class server.


50 Points


Superb (full credit)

Good (most credit)

Poor (little as well as no credit)


(25 points)

Proper and exceptional use of design and style principles.  Text and image complement one another. Graphics very well drawn or placed. � Text easy to read. Proper use of design concepts – although could be stronger. Text and graphics sufficient, but might not exactly complement one other.  Graphics sufficiently drawn or perhaps placed. Terribly used or lack of style principles.  Text and design do not enhance one another (or overlap, hard to read).  Graphics badly drawn or placed. � Text hard to read. Creativity

(25 points)

Original cover. � Considerably different from original cover, however conveys account or " feel”. Different cover, but may use some elements coming from original cover. � Provides story or " feel”. Same as unique cover or perhaps has small changes. � Does...


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