Study Guidebook on WWI and Imperialism

 Study Guidebook on WWI and Imperialism Essay

Isolationism to Imperialism


(aka, " ___________________”)

nineteenth Century (1800s)


(aka, " ___________________”)

20th 100 years (1900s)

Motives for American Imperialism

Cultural ________________________

Expansion of ____________________

Europeans and Americans assumed that their very own civilization since superior to those of Latin America, Africa, Asia, and the Pacific cycles Islands. Imperialism opened foreign markets intended for American gardening and industrial products, easing economic stress at home. Spread ________________________

and Western World

_____________________ Bases

American imperialists had confident themselves that they had an requirement, referred to as the " White colored Man's Burden, ” to spread Christianity and elevate subject lenders while taking advantage of them financially. America sought to assert by itself as a nautico power inside the early twentieth century. Imperialism provided the us with nautico bases in the Caribbean plus the Pacific.

Although American imperialism established the us as a universe power and spread American political, economical, and spiritual ideals, it also provoked _______________________ from folks who were controlled by American domination – particularly in the Philippines and Cuba.

The Spanish-American War proclaimed the Usa States' emergence as a



American compassion for rebels in

_________________ who had been fighting against Spain for independence. The explosion in the

U. S. T. __________________

in Havana Harbor.

________________ Journalism

NY Newspapers printed sensational head lines in order to contend for flow.

These factors resulted in GENERAL PUBLIC PRESSURE for the U. S i9000. government to declare battle with Spain.

" REMEMBER THE _________________________!!! ”

AMERICA BENEFITS and follows what's left of Spain's colonial disposition:

In the Pacific

In the Carribbean

1 . _________________________

2 . _________________________

3. _________________________

1 . ___________________ (Annexed)

installment payments on your ___________________ (Controlled)

The Substantial Court reigned over at the time the fact that ___________________________ " does not the actual flag” and that people in American abroad territories ARE NOT did not have a similar constitutional rights as persons living within the North American region.

The United States mercilessly crushed a rebellion inside the __________________________.

Imperialist Arguments

Anti-Imperialist Arguments

U. S. Imperialism in China and tiawan

The " __________________ _______________” Policy opened Chinese market segments to the U. S. by simply allowing American businesses to trade together with European powers. The _____________________ Rebellion was an anti-imperialist uprising in China that was deposit by American and Uk forces.

ALL OF US Intervention in Latin America

_____________________Amendment: U. S. can intervene directly into prevent municipal unrest

Guantanamo Bay: Perpetual lease of a ____________________ bottom (still generally there today)

Teddy ______________________

" ___________ ____________” Diplomacy

TR described his foreign plan as being motivated by the Western African proverb,

" Speak softly and

carry a large stick. ”

TR's " Big Stick” projected American naval electrical power and elevated American prominence in Latin America.

The Roosevelt Corollary to the _______________________ Doctrine established the U. S. as the " policeman” In Latin America. The U. S. intervened in Latin American international locations to collect financial obligations on behalf of Western european nations (so that they would not intervene in Latin America directly).

The us helped ___________________ gain independence from Colombia in order to gain

access legal rights to construct the Panama ___________________.

William Howard _____________

" _______________________” Diplomacy

Protect American ___________________ hobbies and purchases of Latin America

Woodrow __________________...


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