The B razil Healthcare Program

 The B razil Healthcare Program Essay

The Brazilian Health care System


Table of Contents

Nation Description3


Size and Geography5

Government or Personal System5





Simple History of the Healthcare System (The Lancet)6

Major Period I – Instability and Dictatorships (1500 – 1985)6 Major Period II – Era of Democracy (Post 1985)6

Information of Current Healthcare System (The Lancet)6



Technology and Equipment6

Analysis of Healthcare System (Siemens & Lancet)6




Current and Growing Issues and Challenges7


Issue/Challenge My spouse and i – Express Support to get Private Sector7

Issue/Challenge 2 – Attentiveness of Overall health Services in Developed Regions7 Issue/Challenge III – Persistent Underfunding7


Issue/Challenge IV – Reforming the Financial Structure7 Issue/Challenge Versus – Renegotiating Public & Private Roles7 Issue/Challenge NI – Reshaping the Model of Care for Market & Epidemiological Changes7 Issue/Challenge VII – Assuring Quality of Proper care and Individual Safety7 References8

Country Description

Table 1Brazil(Central Intelligence Company, 2012)

|Nationality |Noun: Brazilian(s) | | |Adjective: B razil | |Ethnic Groups |White 53. 7%, mulatto (mixed white and black) 38. 5%, black 6. 2%, other (includes Japanese, Arabic, | | |Amerindian) 0. 9%, unspecified 0. 7% (2000 census) | |Religions |Roman Catholic (nominal) 73. 6%, Simple 15. 4%, Spiritualist 1 . 3%, Bantu/voodoo 0. 3%, other 1 . 8%, | | |unspecified 0. 2%, none 7. 4% (2000 census) | |Languages |Portuguese (official and many widely used language) | | |Note: less common languages incorporate Spanish (border areas and schools), German, Italian, Japanese, | | |English, and a large number of slight Amerindian 'languages' | |Literacy |Definition: grow older 15 and also can read and write | | |Total population: 88. 6% | | |Male: 88. 4% | | |Female: 88. 8% (2004 est. ) | |Government Type |Federal republic | |Date of Independence |7 September 1822 (from Portugal) | |Gross Domestic Product (GDP) every |$11, 800 (2011 represente. ) | |Capita | | |Unemployment rate |6% (2011 reste. ) | |Natural Hazards |Recurring droughts in northeast; floods and occasional ice in to the south...

References: Central Intelligence Company. (2012, 12 , 5). The World FactBook -- South America: Brazil. Retrieved January 19, 2012, from CIA:

Paim, J., Travassos, C., Almeida, C., Bahia, L., & Macinko, J. (2011, May possibly 9). The Brazilian wellness system: history, advances, and challenges. Lancet, 377, pp. 1778-97. doi: 10. 1016/S0140- 6736(11)60437-6


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