The Concept of Community

 Essay on The Concept of Community


Community continues to be described and interpreted in several ways. It is often explained by each person in their individual understanding and views. The idea of community could be associated with the philosophy, culture and interests. Through this essay, the concept of community, what and the different types of community will be discussed. As well, the affiliation between community, youth as well as its influence for the environment will be acknowledged. In addition , in this composition, issues in ethnicity, culture, youth, racism and crime will be reviewed. The question ‘what a community is' will be resolved.

The concept of community has been broadly discussed and there has certainly not been a particular definition for community and its concept. Community has been known and described only as the environment where people co-habit. It is however not particularly correct. Clark (1973: 397) identifies a community because ‘a group of people with geographical interest and have a unique romance within the group'. The Oxford dictionary describes it since ‘a group of people living with each other in a place or having the same religious beliefs, race etc'. Also, in Rothman et al's watch, it could become seen as ‘a structure of relationships which a local population provides its daily requirements'. A far more detailed explanation was given to community by simply Buchroth and Parkin (2010: 29) explaining it since ‘a place, or a city or a town etc, in which a group of people adapt to a set of guidelines or rules, so that they every have something in common; individuals that do not match this expenses are often moved out of this community'. These explain community in different opinions according with each writer's perception. They have all explained the classification of word and its aim. Yet , understanding the notion of community includes more than the writer's view or perhaps assumption about what the meaning is.

Many geographical areas including Ireland, Scotland, Wales and London, uk in the United Kingdom are viewed as one of many near your vicinity. Although, the land space planned on the globe zone paper is a component to community, you will find other criteria that are linked to the word. The concept of community can be wide and cannot be reserve without knowing this is of community and how it can be formed.

Community can be described as the pattern of life of men and women: its unique dialect, arts, the norms and cultural beliefs, politics, the music and economic factors. The mode of dressing, foodstuff, language and religion as well makes the people different. Additionally , the morals of the individual plus the interests of everybody as a person and as an organization are placed in consideration. Tyler (2003) likes to explain that as ‘local human network'. According to Garvin and Tropman (199-) cited by simply Rotman et al(200-) residential areas are constituted when a population group form a common location, fascination, identification, tradition and have prevalent activities.

When a locality will be based upon land space, there is a need for nice of the individual…the need for a feeling of belonging. MacIver and Site describes this as the ‘we feeling' when an individual identifies himself as a person and as a part of the group (Clark 1973: 403). Additionally , key characteristics and features are expected in one individual towards the other to develop peace and unity inside the group. Tolerance is an aspect of community value that cannot fail to be noticed. Every individual offers his very own angle conclusion and responsibility and this has to be recognized and understood simply by other members of the group. Furthermore, there must be trust within; otherwise there will be a collapse inside the relationships through this community. The term ‘reprocity' can be described as strong value that must be included in every community to make it functional and realistic.

A fascinating group in the community includes the folks. Population stocks a characteristic that are linked by factors like...

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