The near future Use of Structural Composite Materials inside the Automotive Industry

 The Future Make use of Structural Ceramic material in the Automotive Industry Essay

The future use of structural composite materials in the

automotive industry

Enrico Mangino

Club Ricerche Redbull, Strada Torino 50, 10043 Orbassano (TO), Italy enrico. [email protected] this

Joe Carruthers

NewRail, College of Mechanised & Devices Engineering, School of Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 7RU, UK

paul. [email protected] air conditioning unit. uk

Giuseppe Pitarresi

Dipartimento di Modalit?, University of Palermo, Viale delle Scienze, 90128 Palermo, Italy

[email protected] unipa. this

Abstract: The automotive industry‟s use of structural composite materials began in the 1950s. As those beginning, it has been indicated that composites happen to be lightweight, tiredness resistant and simply moulded to shape – in other words, a seemingly eye-catching alternative to alloys. However , there has been no wide-spread switch from metals to composites inside the automotive sector. This is because there are numerous of technological issues concerning the use of composite materials that continue to need to be fixed including exact material characterisation, manufacturing and joining.

This kind of paper information the studies of a the latest European motivation that analyzed the future usage of composite materials inside the automotive sector. The principal technical challenges that needs to be overcome in ten essential areas concerning composite consumption are analyzed. Furthermore, recommendations for future research priorities to overcome these kinds of challenges happen to be presented. 1

Keywords: vehicle, composite materials, foreseeable future trends, analysis priorities.

Biographical notes:

Enrico Mangino became a member of Centro Ricerche Fiat in 1991 with a thesis on the crash of multi-layered composites. Ever since then he has worked in the polymer bonded manufacturing group supporting the design and production of plastic material parts (automotive and otherwise) through the numerical simulation of products and techniques.

Joe Carruthers is the Materials and Set ups Research Supervisor at NewRail, the railway research center at Newcastle University. He holds a PhD in Mechanical Executive and his key research interests relate to the development and using lightweight materials for automobiles. Between 2001 and 2004 he was the co-ordinator with the COMPOSIT network on " The Future Utilization of Composites in Transport”, the initiative in whose findings constitute the basis of this kind of paper.

Giuseppe Pitarresi is known as a research relate at the Dipartimento di Modalit? (DIMA) with the University of Palermo. This individual holds a PhD in Mechanical Design and style and his primary research passions range from fresh stress research techniques to the style and experimental characterisation of composite materials and structures.




If 1 was to make an effort to pinpoint the birthday of composites in the automotive sector, then the 1953 GM Motorama would be a good candidate. It was at this event that the The 2012 chevrolet Corvette was first unveiled (Figure 1). Six months later, this stylish collapsible, polo light with reddish interiors, was at production. The Corvette was your first development car to use structural polymer bonded composites*. The body was made from fibreglass. Although the Corvettes was not the first car to characteristic plastics (Bakelite had been utilized for distributor limits and steering wheels considering that the 1940s), this is a significant landmark. Since those early days, fiber reinforced polymers have been intended for many automotive applications. However , there has been very little widespread adoption within the mass production sector. Composite digesting times will be relatively lengthy, raw materials (fibres, resins, and so forth ) are relatively expensive, and it can always be difficult to achieve high quality surface area finishes. Generally there have also been issues over tightness and some sturdiness issues (e. g. ULTRAVIOLET degradation). Consequently , more than 50 years about, the use of strength composites in high quantity car creation is still to some extent limited. Metallic remains the fabric of choice for most of vehicle models, not least because of continuing innovation by the steel companies.


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