Unit 543

 Unit 543 Essay

Unit 543

COMPLETE: Assignments/Project RESEACH TASK WITHIN THE PROVIDERS FOR HEALTH INSURANCE AND SOCIAL CARE (cross reference to ERR) 1 . 1 Determine the area pertaining to the research job

1 . 2 Develop the aims and goals of the research study 1 . a few Explain honest considerations that apply to the area of the study 1 . 4 Complete a literature review of chosen area of research 3. 1 Identify causes of support while conducting an investigation project several. 2 Make a detailed cover a research task

3. 3 Select exploration methods for the project

3. 4 Develop study questions to be used within task

several. 5 Execute the research using identified research methods

3. 6 Record and collate data

5. 1 Use data analysis methods to review the data

four. 2 Attract conclusions from findings

4. three or more Reflect just how own research findings establish initial literary works review 4. 4 Generate recommendations linked to area of exploration

4. your five Identify potential uses for the study findings within practice

The purpose of the job is to find a manual handling help that will properly assist something user to get off the floor if they have a fall. I am basing the task on the care home exactly where I operate. I operate a non commercial home that supports twenty people. We now have no way of getting manual handling equipment such as a hoist or stand aid in the lift so I decided to check into purchasing a great Elk. This product will assist something user off the floor in a limited space efficiently. I will need to consider the privacy and dignity from the service users when they are requiring the equipment. Shifting and controlling is a crucial part of the day of the week for most workers; from moving equipment, laundry, providing, supplies or perhaps waste to assisting occupants in moving. Poor going and controlling practice can lead to:

back pain and musculoskeletal disorders, which can cause inability to work moving and handling accidents – which can harm both the person being relocated and the staff discomfort and a lack of pride for anyone being relocated

You must take action to prevent or perhaps minimise the risk of injury. The following legislation may be relevant pertaining to assessing shifting and managing risks: Health and Safety at Work etc Work 1974 (HSWA)[6]

Manual Controlling Operations Restrictions 1992 (MHOR) (as amended 2002)[7] Managing of Into the Safety at Work Regulations 1999[8]

Provision and Use of Operate Equipment Rules 1998 (PUWER)[9] Lifting Functions and Raising Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER In the attention home staff have to partake in moving and handling teaching yearly. It is important that care staff know how to work with all the equipment within the home safely and with confidence.

Here are screen photographs of webpages used to research Elks and the price of your Elk.

Using the information We showed the service users and asked them the actual though of course, if they would be able to use an Antelope should they ought to. The answers are below:

The blue section shows the quantity of service users who would as an Elk acquired and the reddish section displays the amount of services users who also did not desire an Antelope purchased. 18 Service users were asked and 15 said yes, and 3 said number

From my personal finding apparently an Elk would be a functional and everyone should be open purchase intended for the proper care home.


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