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My Science Test!

The experiment is to consider 4 Vinca plants, which are about the same size, health, and flowering periods and find out what type will increase the best. Each of the plants will have 75 cubic centimeters of a liquid daily to get 10 days. My personal Grandma bought them via Lowes about September twenty, 2011 personally.

Breakdown in the plants happen to be as follows:

Control plant could possibly get tap water.

Herb A will get Milk through the refrigerator.

Grow B will get Lou Spicilege Pure Vegetal oil.

Plant C will get lovely tea. We all made up a pitcher simply for the research, so that it is the same daily.


Every day to get 10 days devote 75 cubic centimeters of liquid of a certain liquid into each grow and see what type will grow the best.


I think the one with milk is likely to grow most of the three, excluding the control. Milk will work for the body and i believe it could become good for vegetation.


Day Ahead of the Experiment Started:

Mom received the plant life for me via Lowes the day before therefore they were fresh. Also will want 4 stryofoam plates, some equal size containers to get the fluids, masking strapping, permanent guns, camera, and ruler. 1 . Take the crops to place they are going to become entire time. To me it was the covered lanai in the back of our home. 2 . Put Styrofoam plates and place 1 under every plant – prevents mix contamination and keeps the table clean. 3. Get roll of masking strapping and an everlasting marker.

5. Cut mp3 into 4 equal pieces.

5. Draw each tape with name and put upon plant.

6. Collect the several containers intended for the fluids.

7. Place in 1st pot water in the tap and set lid on it. In second container, put in some cups of milk, in 3rd textbox made up sweet tea and poured in 4 cups of, and in last container put in 5 cups of vegetable oil. Drinking water and essential oil containers in the countertop, and the dairy and tea containers were in the refrigerator.

Day From the Experiment:

I decided to evaluate and drinking water my plant life before college in the morning and early on the weekends. 1 ) Day one, Then i took pictures of each flower.

installment payments on your Then I tested each flower and wrote down the sizes in my diary. 3. With a measuring cup, I measure out 75ml (1/3C) of every liquid and pour it into the appropriate plant. I actually rinse the actual glass glass in between each kind of water. 4. I actually jot down observations on the plant life each day in a journal. 5. I likewise look at the magazine to be accurate on the temperature ranges for the day ahead of and note it inside the journal, along with any weather (such rain, clouds, etc). six. Repeat steps 1 via 3 for 10 days.  

September 21, 2011Day 1 of the Experiment:


All four vegetation are fresh, very healthy and balanced and have many flowers in several stages of opening. Vegetation are in original textbox with Styrofoam plates underneath them thus there is no cross contamination. Plants are inside the covered veranda area to keep from obtaining wet by any rainfall so they will not be polluted by rainfall. Get sunlight all evening. We took pictures and measurements of crops, as noticed below.

Control Plant – Water9” extra tall

Plant A – Milk9 ½” taller

Plant W – Oil8 ¾” high

Plant C – Lovely Tea8” high


Incredibly Sunny!

Sept 22, 2011Day 2 of the Experiment:


All plants are the same level as recently. All continue to look very healthy. This particular, sweet tea and milk plant were dry at the bottom today – oil was very damp. It had a good pool on plate. Blossoms still great on all. It was incredibly sunny in the morning, warm and had a lot of rain inside the afternoon.

Control Grow – Water9 ½” ” tall

Plant A – Milk9 ½” tall

Flower B – Oil8 ¾” tall

Plant C – Sweet Tea8” tall


September 23, 2011Day 3 of the Experiment:


All plants are the same level as yesterday. All nonetheless...


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