water properties

 water homes Essay

 water exists in liquid, sound, and gaseous states

normal water referred to widespread solvent ( bipolar molecule enables that to dissolve a wide variety of substances) ice floats ( temps drop molecules come together being a solid, elections repell (the molecules receive less close thus making the ice include less thickness than drinking water. If this did not take place ice can sink and destroy living organism. (sea animals) Thermal properties

Drinking water resist heat change, as a result of high certain heat which helps the body (70% water) keeps water from reaching extreme temperatures or freezing. Absorbency

A chance to take in a material


Is a tendency of water to stick to other chemicals


The power of a liquid to put in an way up force on an object that may be immersed inside the fluid Capillary Action

The method that goes water through a narrow porous space (cohesion helps the transfer of water up through fibers of plants) Needed for plants to survive Combination

The attractive force among water elements or the inclination of water molecule to stay to various other water elements ( water because of hydrogen bonds. supplies capillary action, helps drinking water to move up the xylem of plant) Denseness

The amount of mass of a compound per unit volume that determines if an object will certainly sink or perhaps float Insobornable

Will not allow drinking water to move through


Does not dissolve


To be able to be dissolved in another element


Having pores or opening that allow water (other liquids) to flow through them Surface Pressure

The force that acts for the particles at the surface of a material Polarity

elements that have a degree of bad charge on one end from the molecule and a concentration of positive charge on the other end Suspension

Mixture of water and nondissolved materials.


Does the dissipating


Will be dissolved.


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