How come the Noisy alarms Snooze Key Give You Nine Extra Mins, Not 10?

 Why Does the Alarm Clock Doze Button Give You Nine Extra Minutes, Not Ten? Composition

Why does the alarm clock snooze press button give you seven extra minutes, not eight?

November 26, 1999

Dear Cecil:

Once my roommate's alarm is herd, he invariably presses the snooze tavern. This continues in nine-minute cycles until I have to promote him me personally. All the security alarms I have found have a nine-minute doze interval. Is this a standard amount, and if so , where did it come from?

— Matt Mc, Indiana, Pa

Dear Ellen:

What a comfort to quit coping with the federal government and get back to the truly tum questions of the time. Though I gotta tell you, dealing with the feds was a easy compared to this 1. We consulted with quite a few clock companies, clock designers, and time clock buffs and amassed this theories:

(1) Focus teams found that individuals preferred a snooze delay of eight to 12 minutes. FINE, but then why not a ten-minute interval?

(2) Engineers consider their bosses come to test them every single ten moments. Ho ho!

(3) Physiologists have located that a individual who will not want to get up will show up back into a deep rest if kept for longer than nine minutes. Yeah, proper.

(4) Five minutes seems way too short and 10 minutes seems too long. Eight minutes may appear better than ten while not becoming significantly several. My response: Bah. Nine minutes does not seem better; it seems foolish.

(5) In LED (the old red display) lighting, the snooze function is wonderful for only 60 minutes, so you want to in shape the greatest likely number of doze periods into that time. Nine minutes offers you six snooze periods with a minute's flexibility each time for pressing the snooze club. " Nonsense, " 1 engineer commented. No disagreement here.

(6) " I figured it had been actually 512 seconds (2^9), " one particular informant believed. " Or maybe, since the time clock is keeping track of (typically) the energy cycles from the wall socket, it's because 9 minutes is 32, 500 cycles, close to 2^15 (32, 768). " Engineer's comment: Great try, bub, but clocks don't rely that way....


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