Exercise Refferal Example for Rheumatoid Arthritis, Depression & Elderly

 Essay on Exercise Refferal Case Study to get Rheumatoid Arthritis, Major depression  Seniors

Summary of clients particulars

Brand: Ms. Lewis

Gender: Feminine

Age: sixty six

Contact Zero: 01234 5678910

Next of Kin: Mrs Levenhulme

Affiliate reason: Arthritis rheumatoid, Depression & elderly

Medicine: Acelofenac & Nortriptyline

Physical Information

Stress (seated): 122/82 mmHG

Relaxing Heart Rate: 64 bpm

Expected VO2max: twenty four ml/kg/min

Present physical activity:

Very low, essentially sedentary

Person's statement relating to state of change:

" I want to work out, and I think I can do it, but I will need some support” (Preparation) Health concerns

Rhematoid Osteoarthritis – Is usually an autoimmune disorder which can trigger chronic inflammation of body`s organs, important joints, and the around tissue with the joints. It can be defined as: " a disease of synovial tissue, i. e. a joint linings, muscles, tendon sheaths and affiliated structure. And so widespread is definitely the inflammatory procedure that inflammatory nodules may possibly form practically anywhere, the extensor floors of the limbs being most popular, such as shoulder and forearm nodules, but nodules could also form inside the lungs and other visceral tissue” (Wright Groundwork Exercise referral manual, 2008)

The onset of Rheumatoid Arthritis is normally between 45-65 years (Stenstrom & Small, 2003) Particular inclusion criteria –Mild to moderate intensity

Specific exemption criteria – Severe severity

Depressive disorder – " An illness that involves the body, feelings, and thoughts, that impacts the way a person consumes and rests, the way one particular feels about one self, and the method one thinks about things. With no treatment, symptoms may last for several weeks, months, or years. ” (http://www.medterms.com/script/main/art.asp?articlekey=2947) Particular inclusion conditions –Mild to moderate seriousness

Specific exemption criteria – Severe intensity

Additional Information

As your customer is 66 years of age she will be considered as elderly. Older – While aging there is also a steady useful decline, cardio-vascular, flexibility and strength. Decrease in functionality may well be a possible reason for depression due to a reduction of independence and possible social isolation. (Wright Foundation Physical exercise referral manual, 2008) Medicine

Drug: Aceclofenac

Drug group: Non steroidal anti-inflammatory medications (NSAID)

Reason behind Prescription: Rhematoid Arthritis

Ideal effect: -- " Functions by obstructing the action of a substance in the body referred to as cyclo-oxygenase. Cyclo-oxygenase is involved in the production of numerous chemicals in the body, some of which are known as prostaglandins. Prostaglandins have been in response to harm or particular diseases and would otherwise go on to cause pain, swelling and inflammation. Arthritic circumstances are one example of this. Aceclofenac is used to ease pain and inflammation in arthritic condition” (http://www.tiscali.co.uk/lifestyle/healthfitness/health_advice/netdoctor/archive/100004233.html) Likely side effects: Nausea, Gastro-intestinal distress, diarrhoea, hypersensitivity reactions (particularly rashes, angioedema, and bronchospasm headache, dizziness, nervousness, despression symptoms, drowsiness, sleeplessness, vertigo, experiencing disturbances just like tinnitus, photosensitivity, and haematuria. Blood disorders have also occurred. Fluid retention may take place (rarely precipitating congestive cardiovascular failure); stress may be increased. (http://www.bnf.org.uk/bnf/bnf/current/5183.htm#_5183.9)

Possible effects of medication during physical exercise: Dizziness during transitions, Bronchospasm during work out, vertigo can easily effect balance, photosensitivity could potentially cause skin soreness if outdoors in the sun and hearing disorders may influence communication. Effects of work out prescription: Avoid transitions, put into action intervals permitting toilet fails, if physical exercise is outdoor then advise on suitable weather conditions and ensure that instructions are well communicated and understood.

Medication: Nortriptyline

Group name: Tricyclic antidepressants (TCA)

Reason for Health professional prescribed: Depression


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